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  • Welcome Diet Stars!
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    Hey, everyone!

    The thing is AdCombo knows and understands what a product is supposed to be to get high conversion rates, strong demand, and positive feedback. And it’s totally not a poor copy of another network’s product.
    Today we launch a brand-new offer — Diet Stars, a marmalade that helps to lose weight.

    Offer link: HERE

    Chocolate Slim did well, EcoSlim has shown promise and now it’s time for those nutty stars. Of course, we checked and tested it by ourselves as we always do before the official launch. Two versions of the lander (censored and not) are at your service; one really aggressive pre-lander; 14 countries to choose from; a fully competitive payout (which can be increased if so do sales) and all of our experience of our affiliate managers!

    Also, we prepared a few tips:

    • The product concept, on its own, is not aggressive. This offer can be launched through Facebook Ads on strong profiles, although it’s relevant to diets. So you can run it as a whitehat one without any pre-lander and without losing any of your accounts;
    • There won’t be any negative feedback because the product is brand-new;
    • You can make look-a-like audiences for those diet-offers you already ran traffic to and get cheap leads


    Since Facebook expanded CPM rate without any reason – running traffic has become more difficult. If your traffic goes to zero or even a bit negative – do not rush off. Show your analytics to your AM, and we will find a solution.

    By the way, a little bonus to all of you: the secret of Diet Stars is in the chromium content. It naturally suppresses cravings for sweets. A woman eats less chocolate and candies – that’s it, no mystery. Creative materials with sweets will lead to prompt results, you just need to create the right ones. And another good bonus – no one will ban you for the pictures of chocolate 🙂

    We have a few more landers in development. If you do good, you’ll get access to some new improvements. You have your own creative materials? Contact your manager – we will add you to private and translate it to the target language.

    Affiliates have been using a new small trick in Facebook Ads lately. It helps to create many advertising accounts. However, their sales haven’t increased because Facebook easily finds and blocks all of it. You have to use really good materials to make your accounts exist longer. That’s why the demand for whitehat offers is really high. So if you need to pump your BM, Diet Stars is the best solution.

    That’s it. Thank you for reading to the end.

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