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  • White-hat offer for white teeth
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    So, first things first – we have launched two new offers in the last two months. Both of them are popular and every day more and more publishers run traffic to them. And, of course, it motivates us to make new great things for our webmasters.

    Meet another great offer – Denta Seal! It has just 1 geo so far but of course, there will be more countries to choose in the near future.



    Not a gel, not a cream, not an anti-aging stuff… What is this? It is a unique toothpaste of complex action. With regular use, it reduces the risk of caries, restores healthy whiteness to teeth, gives fresh and pleasant breathing. You just have to use it as a usual toothpaste and that’s it – a shiny white smile is yours.

    Glad to inform that this offers has a really good approval rate from facebook traffic – more than 56% and it’s still increasing. What else? Two creative landers and three super-catchy pre-landers are at your disposal.

    The best thing about Denta Seal is that literally everyone can run it – from a newbie to a pro. Just find a pic of the bright white teeth, make creative materials and start making money. So, if you were waiting for the perfect time to gain experience in affiliate marketing – don’t miss this chance 😉


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