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    It’s already autumn, but here’s your profitable chance to prolong summer: ASIA SEASON starts at AdCombo. 

    What does it mean? 

    • Much higher payouts
    • Approval rates up to 50-60%
    • 100% all leads processing
    • Lucrative additional conditions 

    And our first destination is… THAILAND.

    Starting from today we have higher payouts for 10 THAI OFFERS.



    [15821] Black Latte – TH 

    [19766] Black Latte Zero – TH

    Highly useful products in the region where the food is soooo tasty and beach season lasts forever.

    [6466] Intoxic – TH 

    [17783] Detoyic – TH

    In Thailand there are, of course, a lot of females with reduced social responsibility, but there are even more invisible and unknown parasites … Better prevent than be intoxicated in a Thai hospital.

    [11243] Smoke Out – TH

    [11924] Night Comfort – TH

    Bad habits adversely affect the quality of life, fines for smoking are severe (in Thailand you can even go to jail for life) – why not stop ruining your health? Especially when you live in paradise.

    [17544] PUELLA Cup – TH

    One little thing serves faithfully for at least five years, reduces annual spending on feminine hygiene products significantly, and most importantly it is environmentally friendly! Cool, right?


    [1303] Goji cream – TH 

    [18311] Tiny Mask – TH

    These two buddies are absolute hydration helpers when it comes to sunburnt skin and every day swimming in the ocean. 


    [6146] Atlant Gel – TH

    Needs no introduction. Already classics. 

    Below you can find a representative chart which shows you how the payout rates were changed.

    Hope, we had enough arguments for you!

    Remember, that after tests you can discuss special conditions with your affiliate manager. 

    Soon there will be even more special offers for Thailand and other Asian destinations. 

    Stay tuned!

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