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    Hello publishers,

    We have already told you many times that Asia region is a very promising area to make money online. For this reason, we keep you updated with the needed information related to the Internet usage in Asian countries. So, the next country in turn, is Singapore.

    General facts:

    • At the time of December 14, Singapore’s population is 5,737,846. Whereas the number of Internet users is 4,699,204 (80% of people).
    • Ethnic groups: Chinese 74.2%, Malay 13.3%, Indian 9.2%, other 3.3%.
    • Official languages of Singapore: Mandarin 36.3%, English29.8%, Malay 11.9%, Tamil 3.2%.

    The following languages are also spoken in Singapore:

    Hokkien 8.1%, Cantonese 4.1%, Teochew 3.2%, other Indian languages 1.2%, other Chinese dialects 1.1%, other 1.1%.

    Singapore demographics profile:



    Now, let’s get back to our topic – Internet usage in Singapore.

    The Internet connection in Singapore is considered to be one of the fastest in Asia Pacific.

    • Average connection speed – 2 Mbps
    • Average download speed – 82 Mbps
    • Average upload speed – 40 Mbps

    The Internet usage in Singapore by age groups:

    15 – 24: 28%
    25 – 34: 31%
    35 – 44: 21%
    45 – 54: 13%
    55+: 8%

    Most active Internet users there are young adults (25-34 years old):

    Device usage for the Internet connection in Singapore:

    Smartphones: 85%
    Computers: 74%
    Tablets: 40%

    It also should be noted that 37% of Singaporeans shop online. Many of them prefer using a computer than a smart phone to make purchases online:

    • Computer: 79%
    • Smartphone: 17%
    • Tablets: 4%

    Those who prefer doing purchases offline use the Internet to do a research before.


    Apart from the overwhelming popularity of Facebook in many other countries, WhatsApp is considered as most commonly used social network in Singapore. Let’s see the whole statistics of social networks’ usage:

    Let’s see what the prognoses of Facebook’s usage are in the nearest future:

    Top websites in Singapore:

    The following information will be more useful for those of you who work mostly with mobile traffic:

    Top 10 telecom companies in Singapore:

    1. SingTel
    2. Mobile 1
    3. StarHub 
    4. QMax
    5. Bluefish
    6. Alcom
    7. Brocade 
    8. Alca Tel Lucent
    9. Absolute Telecom
    10. 3R communication


    The most popular mobile operating systems nowadays Android and IOS are used nearly equally:

    We hope that many of you will consider Singapore as a cool GEO to work with after reading this review. So, do not waste your time, choose an offer for this GEO in our system and start making much profit. Good luck, guys!

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