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    Dear publishers,

    It is high time to share with you our regular article related to Internet usage in Portugal. This GEO is really promising for running marketing campaigns there and our nutra offers are a real evidence to it.

    General Overview

    •         The total population of Portugal is around 11 million people
    •         Official language is Portuguese; also Mirandese (locally used)


    Internet Usage

    The number of Internet users in Portugal is 7.20 million (around 70% of the population)

    Internet speed:

    Average Latency: 107 ms

    Average Download: 22.83 Mbps

    Average Upload: 9.55 Mbps





    Time spent on the Internet by Portuguese

    Average daily use of the Internet via a PC or Tablet – 6 hours 17 minutes

    Average daily use of the Internet via a mobile phone – 1 hour 55 minutes

    Average daily use of social media via any device – 2 hours 18 minutes



    Top websites in Portugal

    For your convenience and for visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:








    Social Media Usage

    Active social media users – 6.10 million (+9% since last year) – 59% of the population

    Active mobile social users – 5.20 million (+16% since last year) – 51% of the population



    Facebook stats

    6.10 million –the total number of monthly active Facebook users

    85% is the number of users accessing Facebook via mobile

    72% use Facebook everyday

    •         51% female profiles
    •         49% male profiles



    Twitter stats



    Mobile Usage

    Active mobile Internet users – 6.93 million (67% of the population)

    Mobile subscriptions – 15.18 million (+2% since last year)

    Mobile activities

    •         48% – use mobile messengers
    •         66% – watch videos on mobile
    •         49% – play games on mobile
    •         26% – use mobile banking
    •         36% – use mobile map services

    Mobile operators

    •         1 MEO (Formerly TMN)
    •         2 Vodafone (Formerly Telecel)
    •         3 NOS (Formerly Optimus)


    Some Facts about E-commerce in Portugal

    60% searched online for a product or service to buy

    56% visited an online retail store

    39% purchased a product or service online

    33% made an online purchase via a laptop or desktop computer

    15% made an online purchase via a mobile device

    Hope that this information will help you in running your campaigns.

    Good luck!



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