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    Dear publishers,

    We are back with our weekly analysis of promising GEOs in Affiliate Marketing. And it’s time for the Czech Republic. There is a wide range of CZ offers in our system: ranging from Adult to Diet & Weightloss. Payouts are really competitive; just have a look at them in your personal account. Once you choose a suitable offer for you – you can read this article to understand better how the Internet in the Czech Republic is used.

    General overview

    • The total population of the Czech Republic is approximately 10 million people.
    • Ethnic groups are Czech 64.3%, Moravian 5%, Slovak 1.4%, other 1.8%, unspecified 27.5%.
    • The official language is Czech.
    • Other languages spoken in the Czech Republic are English, German, Slovak, Russian, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian.

    Internet usage

    • The number of Internet users in the Czech Republic is 9,323,428. This number is growing year by year. In comparison to previous year there is +11% (918 000 new users).
    • Internet speed:

    Average Latency: 102 ms

    Average Download: 36.57 Mbps

    Average Upload: 34.63 Mbps




    How often do Internet users in the Czech Republic access the Internet for personal reasons?

    79% of people do it every day. 16% of users surf the Internet once per week, not much though. There are people who access the Internet at least once per month – 4%.

    For your convenience and for a visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:









    Social media usage

    The total number of active social media users is nearly 5 million people and it is 46% of the population. Nearly 4 million users access various social networks via mobile.In comparison to other countries where Facebook beats all the records and is used by more than 90% of the population, the situation in the Czech Republic is quite different. Though it is still on top of the list, the number of Facebook users doesn’t exceed even 80% on mobile, and it is less than 70% on desktop.




    The total number of monthly active Facebook users is approximately 5 million people, 80% of them access Facebook via mobile. Mind this when targeting Facebook users while running your campaigns. Around 70% of Facebook users use Facebook every day. There are 52% of female users and 48% of male users.




    Mobile operators in the Czech Republic:

    1.    T-Mobile (Formerly Paegas)
    2.    O2 (Formerly Eurotel)
    3.    Vodafone (Formerly Oskar)


    *The number of mobile subscriptions is 14.36 million.


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