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    Experienced affiliates know that running lots of campaigns without a tracker is tough. Make a profit without a tracker is almost impossible. Those webmasters that have been in affiliate marketing for a long time, have already found the trackers they are comfortable with and work with them. But what if you are a newbie and don’t understand much in trackers? Or maybe you gave up on the current tracker and looking for another one? We are here to recommend you one of the best trackers (in our view).

    So, let us introduce – Voluum!

    Voluum is a gold standard of performance-marketing, CPA-tracker, and TDS with rich functionality. It is able to track data in real time, work with the web- and mobile-traffic and making reports get much easier. Voluum also can filter traffic by GEOs, networks, devices, OC and browsers.  But let’s look into this in depth.

    Voluum was founded by zeropark.com owners so this tracker grew out of the need of affiliates. Moreover, it is constantly evolving following the market trends. Among other pleasant bonuses, Voluum has two main points and now we are going to talk about them.

    Firstly, the tracker is really quick. It is one of the quickest solutions in the market. This was achieved mainly through 4 data-centers, which are located on 4 continents. And this allows redirecting users to the nearest data-center. Of course, it has a positive influence on the speed and prevents click loss.

    And plus, if one of the data-centers has technical difficulties, three others will replace it and so the process can continue uninterrupted.

    Secondly, Voluum is a cloud-hosted tracking software. It may be the decisive moment for newbies because they don’t have to invest in a dedicated server to install the tracker. This option saves money.

    Also, you can use the cloud solution to work with campaigns around the world because it has a global CDN.

    If there’s someone who does not know – CDN (content delivery network) refers to a geographically distributed group of servers which work together to provide fast delivery of Internet content. A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading Internet content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos.

    So, if you want to use a tracker on a dedicated server located in Europe, but you have traffic from Asia, redirects will take a few seconds, which has a negative impact on your profit.

    Unfortunately but obviously, the cloud solution has its disadvantages.

    First of all, the statistics are maintained for a limited period of time. Secondly, since all your traffic and campaign data is located on a foreign server, other people will have access to it. All you have to do is count on their honesty 🙂

    Now, let’s speak about other bonuses that Voluum has.

    Voluum positions itself as a safe and reliable solution (and we have no reason to doubt it). The tracker protects your traffic from third parties so that it will not be hacked or stolen.

    Also, Voluum gives you detailed information about your statistics. You can structure the data by your own target criteria – country, operator, OS, device type, conversion time, and even IP and thereby you can optimize your spending. So, if you notice that a device has no conversions and but continue to spend your budget, you can remove it from targeting and concentrate only on profitable devices.

    By the way, Voluum has a split-testing option. So if you work with different offers, you can evenly distribute the traffic between them and understand which ones are more profitable.

    After testing, you can direct all your traffic to the most profitable offer or set up a percentage distribution – a larger percent to the best offer and the rest of it – to other offers. This approach will increase your future impact.

    So, we can conclude that Voluum is definitely one of the best trackers that are available in the market. And high levels of reliability and ease of use makes it especially tempting for new members of affiliate community. We listed the main features of the tracker but as always, you’d better check it out yourself!

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