Have you already heard that Asia Season is being held right now at AdCombo? 

    During the event we are going to tell you about our special asian GEOs, which will have lucrative benefits, such as:

    • Higher payouts
    • Increased approval rate (up to 50-60%)
    • 100% all leads processing
    • Lucrative conditions
    • High-quality prelenders and landing pages 

    Last week we published a post about our first special GEO. Remember which exactly? 

    Yeah, Thailand

    There are 10 OFFERS in THREE VERTICALS: Health, Beauty and Adult. These vertical are highly popular in Thailand and characterized by high demand. Why? Because they cover everything one has to worry about when living by the ocean. Moreover, there are trendy products which are marked as conscious and eco-friendly. 

    The full list is presented below: 


    [15821] Black Latte – TH 

    [19766] Black Latte Zero – TH

    [6466] Intoxic – TH 

    [17783] Detoyic – TH

    [11243] Smoke Out – TH

    [11924] Night Comfort – TH

    [17544] PUELLA Cup – TH


    [1303] Goji cream – TH 

    [18311] Tiny Mask – TH


    [6146] Atlant Gel – TH

    Choose any you like and go on running traffic on THAI OFFERS! In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager 😉

    Stay tuned!

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