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  • TeslaVision Journey Started: Welcome to The Future!
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    Heya, guys!

    TeslaVision has kicked off! And it will run till Dec 1, 2021, 00:00 UTC

    During this period, while making money with AdCombo, you’ll also be making Elons!  Elon is the challenge point of TeslaVision.  The more Elons you got – the higher your chances to win are! 

    There’re three major prizes: Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, and a lavish money prize!  What else? A star chance to have an electric time at the ⚡️TeslaFest Party⚡️ and an assortment of minor prizes in the drawing!

    Remember the amazing Posh’n’Porsche Party? We’re moving on to something entirely different, and quite a bit more exciting!  

    How do you fly your CPAcraft to the top?🚀

    Let’s have a little overview of the key aspects of the Challenge:

    • Drive traffic to all AdCombo offers and exchange your leads to Elons that will later turn into chips for the prize drawing! Try to get ahead now, your competitors won’t linger for long!

    • Only TOP 50 participants will be invited to the Party and take their chances at the prize drawing;

    • All the chips are put in a lottery drum at the Party and the prizes are raffled. Each of the TOP 50 participants can win 1 major prize (a car or money prize) and 1 minor prize (follow updates!);

    • Tesla Model X is ruffled among TOP 5 participants and Tesla Model 3, money and minor prizes – among TOP 50.  So plan your strategy accordingly! 😎

    Take a trip to the TeslaVision info page for more info
    ➡️ http://adcom.bo/tesla_challenge

    Get on top of your game, charge your 🔋 fast, and aim for the future you deserve! (and stay close for more updates). 

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