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    What’s up, guys?

    We have some really important information about updating our Privacy Policy. Yeah, we know, you’ve got too much of that in the last few days.

    But that is a must-do thing. As you probably know, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has entered into force on the last Friday. Due to this, we want to inform you all that we have some changes in our Privacy Policy and not only there.
    We strongly recommend you to check those changes, namely new Affiliate Agreement and amended sign-up form. From now on, we need your consent to receive any information from us and to process your personal data.

    If you have nothing against it – great, then just check our new terms and that’s it. BUT if you don’t agree with those rules then you must contact your manager immediately and notify your decision. And after that, we will deactivate your account in AdCombo. This is how it works now.

    IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, if you don’t agree with the new rules but still want to work with us, we can’t do something about it. There just two ways: read the new terms, agree with them and continue to work with us OR read the new terms, don’t agree, contact your AM and deactivate your account. Easy-breezy.

    Our managers are always glad to answer your questions if you have any.
    Thanks for your attention!

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