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  • Artificial intelligence: what it is, how AI differs from a neural network and how it is useful for affiliates
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    Artificial intelligence is an incredible breakthrough in the development of technologies. You can come across many reviews and helpful AI tools lists for any need on various forums, blogs, and socials, including ours

    In this article, we want to take a closer look at artificial intelligence. What is AI? How does it learn? How is AI different from a neural network? Where to search for AI services? And finally –  how is it useful for affiliate marketing?

    Let’s overview it step by step.

    Google Trends statistics

    Why is it impossible to ignore the topic of artificial intelligence? Since it’s so relevant at present and the statistic speaks for itself:

    According to Google Trends, the number of “artificial intelligence” queries has increased by a quarter in a year and continues to rise. 

    Of course, your query also has been counted by the all-seeing Google. 

    Сan you explain the difference between a neural network and artificial intelligence? And what is AI in general? 

    – Hmmm… are they programs that generate texts, codes, and pics? 

    – Well, not really. 

    How is AI different from neural networks?

    Artificial Intelligence (in the broad sense) is a part of computer science that deals with solving intelligent problems. In the narrow sense, it’s a technology that allows a system to perform creative tasks that require thinking. Only a human could do that before.

    Neural networks are one of the ways to implement AI. They simulate analytical actions, i.e. work and learn on the principle of the human brain.  

    It’s also worth mentioning a few other crucial terms.

    Machine learning is one of the methods of artificial intelligence. Machine learns certain algorithms for specific tasks. In other words, it processes the input data quickly. 

    Deep learning is a method of machine learning. It uses neural networks to learn and simulate decision-making, just like humans study! At this level, programming is no longer needed. The system learns itself and gradually improves the results. 


    Machine learning made it possible to create feeds with individual recommendations in social networks based on purchases and searches. Someone is offered weight loss products, and someone is offered rejuvenation products. 

    And neural networks can define which products collect positive feedback or negative ones. Deep learning with neural networks can extract important characteristics from responses and analyze the emotional depth of answers.

    To avoid possible confusion, here is a schema of the relationship between all the terms:

    How do neural networks learn?

    Let’s talk more about the learning process of neural networks. It’s so fascinating! 

    The term “neural network” completely resembles its biological counterpart –  the human brain’s neural network, as it mimics the brain’s functioning and learning process.

    Similarly to humans, a computer neural network consists of neurons – special computing units. All neurons are structured and collected in layers. When data is input into the neural network, it gradually passes through all of them. Each neuron is responsible for its specific parameter. And remarkably these parameters can change, depending on the obtained results, in order to gradually minimize the percentage of errors relative to the reference. The ability to gradually improve outcomes forms the learning process.

    The fact that the basis of neural network learning consists of mistakes is incredible! Humans go the same way.

    Here is a clear infographic of how a neural network learns:

    But there is a feature. To achieve fine outcomes and reduce errors as much as possible, neural networks require a much larger number of training patterns than other types of machine learning. You may need millions of examples that consider a variety of parameters. Only in this way, a neural network can learn and produce quality results. 

    Let’s move on from theory to practice.

    Where to search AI services for work? 

    We could make an extensive list of AI services, there are many available options now. Moreover, your tasks can be very different. So, we’ll give you a hint about where to look for AI tools. And then, depending on your needs, preferable ratings, and prices, you decide on what suits you the best. 

    Here are a few directories for exploring:

    • AI TOOLS DIRECTORY – https://aitoolsdirectory.com/ – search by category. You can easily understand whether it’s a paid service or a free one; 
    • AI TOOLS – https://www.aitools.directory/ – directory of the best AI services. You can find tools for a wide range of tasks from removing background noise during a meeting to writing web copy based on a selected tone.

    If three options aren’t enough for you, try to search for the “ai tools directory” to find more AI tools directories. 

    And in case you found something very cool – please share the link in the comments! 

    How are AI services useful for affiliates?

    There is no need to explain that time is the most valuable resource. Optimization of all work processes is what both beginners and experienced affiliates strive for. 

    Services with AI can do a lot! 

    They can write marketing texts and generate text prompt-based pictures, even if the request is completely unrealistic. 

    They can even create pics of non-existent (new) faces and people! 

    AI services will help you write code in any programming language, even if you’ve never learned it. 

    They’ll enhance a poor-quality photo, generate a video based on text prompt, and enhance the sound of your voice as if it was recorded on a microphone. 

    There are a countless number of services for all needs. We recommend testing at least one! 

    Speaking about tests. We are making an article with a practical experiment. It aims at finding out how AI services performed when being used in real ad campaigns. 

    If you already have such an experience, feel free to tell us about it in the comments! 

    Сan’t spend your budget on such tests? Stay tuned! We’ll write about the results very soon! 

    Wish you the wise use of your time and budget! 

    See you soon 😉

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