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  • Make a profit with Brazil!
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    We continue to post special reviews of hot Brazilian offers for you. Yesterday we revealed some tips and features on the Adult offers. For those who missed it – you can find it HERE.

    And today we are going to talk about the Diet and Fitness vertical. Those offers are supposed to help people lose weight and stay in shape. First of all, let’s check the list of those offers:


    So, what about our target audience? You may think that those products are not interesting for men but that’s not true. Of course, the most part of your potential buyers are women but don’t exclude men and you will make a bigger profit than you expected 😉

    There is no strict criteria for age – 25-55 years for women and 20-55 years for men. Marital status isn’t important as well – according to our research, people who buy the products may be single, married or dating someone as well. But, of course, the chance of buying is higher if a customer has a partner – people need someone to impress 😉

    Also, we tried and analyzed all the options of traffic and made a list of the best traffic sources. So, native ads worked really good and so did Google Ads. And never forget about Facebook Ads (using cloaking, of course). Use it right and get a good profit. If you have doubts or don’t really know how to run them – feel free to contact your affiliate manager!

    By the way, we found out that the best time for running the offers is from Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 6PM (Sao Paulo time).

    Speaking of the best creative pair, our team has figured out that the best landers are the ones you made by yourselves. You all know that no matter how good network’s landers are but making your own ones always worth it 😉

    Those offers are in VIP – request approval, set up campaigns using our tips and get your profit! And stay tuned – other reviews are coming in the coming year 🙂


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