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    Guys, every publisher knows how easy to catch a ban from Facebook and how hard to get rid of it. Ban reasons are more than numerous –  a fake account, not credible information, complaints about your account, suspicious activity and any FB Ad Policies violation.

    However, this list is not exhaustive. You can be blocked for no apparent reason. Facebook policies are changing regularly, the artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms are getting smarter. So, the questions “Why?” and “Who’s next?” remain forever.

    It’s rather bad news if your account was banned because all related accounts lose their trust rate (credibility), that may entail a chain of bans. But, contrary to popular belief that it’s almost impossible to return status quo and to get through to the technical support, we strongly recommend you to follow subsequent advice.

    First of all, check FB Help Center and try to understand what was the trigger. Also, you can write to Facebook technical support at one of the following emails:

    In most cases, social engineering is the key. To unban your acc you should learn how to communicate with FB manager. Remember that you can fix everything, even your low trust level, due to persistent, consistent and adequate communication with a live person.

    So, what are ways to reach these omnipotent guys?
    You can reach them:

    • via BM chat
    • via manager’s email or by phone
    • via special forms


    It’s clear that these approaches can be combined, it will only increase their effectiveness

    1.Chat way

    Write a polite detailed letter about your problem in BM chat. If you were banned for your suspicious payment mean, write that you still have unpaid invoices and that you require a formal notice on behalf of Facebook about your exemption from liability to pay. Banned for policies violation? Ok, write that you don’t object to the ban but that you must pay all your debts.

    Unfortunately, these ways are a little bit abused, so, now FB managers respond that if your acc is banned, you don’t need to pay. But remember that our language is our best ammunition! You may ask for a legal instrument or a link to FB policies proving that after account ban a user is escaped from all claims to pay.

    If your account was blocked because of suspicious activity – just change the password and write to the chat that you had some problems but the password was changed and ask to unban your account.

    2.Email way

    Collect FB managers’ emails in advance. Ask support agent to send his decision to your email related to BM. You will be able to use his address to contact him further.

    Important notice – try to respond to the letters as soon as possible, it will increase the chance that your manager will contact you more willingly. Also, your English level is rather important, so, try to form sentences grammatically and stylistically correct.

    Act like in a chat case, only by email. You can ask the manager to call you. In this case, speak politely and distinctly, try to convince the manager by a voice that banned account is very important for your business. There is a very high chance that you will be unbanned. But the manager can offer you to go this procedure through the special forms.

    3.Forms way

    There are bots who count the trust of your account and automatically generate a response to your requests via forms.

    You can write anything you want here, basically, it doesn’t matter. But you should know that there is a list of stopwords, after mentioning them your ticket goes to a FB manager. For example, you can write that you suffer from the fact that a robot, not a real person, communicates with you. Don’t forget to use such words as “awful, disaster, disappointed, unacceptable, disgusting” etc.

    Also, you must understand that the more money is spent from BM, the higher your trust level is. You can possess an account really trusty when FB offers you to review your advertising instead of the automatic ban.

    FB imposes its rules on users and forces them to play by their own rules. Nevertheless, at the moment Facebook is the most profitable platform to work with rather cheap and quality traffic. So, it’s worth to waste your time on it. Just remember, it’s better to prevent banning than resolve problems after, so, we advise you to learn Policies in a proper way and always be fully prepared!

    That’s all for this time! We hope that this article was pretty interesting and useful for you.Have a nice day and let the ban never overtake you!


  • medi 26.04.18 at 8:25 pm

    thank for this article ,
    what is BM chat

    • Dasha 07.05.18 at 6:27 pm

      Hello. It’s a chat in your business-manager account with a support-manager.

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