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  • Get ready for summer!
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    It’s March already, the weather is getting warmer and summer will arrive in a couple of months. What does it mean? Now is the best time to run diet offers – the season of shorts and dresses is almost here.
    Needless to say about EcoSlim and Chocolate Slim, you all know about them – they are in the TOP of offers for months.

    Next – Diet Stars. We have announced it just two months ago and it’s one of the most popular offers already! The right approach and few advertising skills do all the work, you don’t need much.
    And, finally, Diet Duet. The offer has been launched just recently, so you can surely say that it’s new. Even so, it already showed really good results, especially in Romania.
    Wait, wait, wait. What is this offer at all? Well, it’s weight loss tea – exactly what people need by summer.

    Drink it once in the morning, then once in the evening, and voila – you get thinner and thinner day by day! What a miracle, huh? Moreover, we have a special censored lander for those of you who want to use only whitehat advertising.

    Check it out here:



    So, there are 14 GEOs to choose from, 2 attractive landers and 2 creative pre-landers for each, really good numbers, pretty good payout and the opportunity to run this offer as a whitehat one. By the way, if you ever run traffic to diet-offers, then you are free to use look-a-like audiences for your previous campaigns to get cheap clicks!
    Don’t hesitate, spring is the best season to run diet-offers and soon it may already be too late.

    That’s it for today. Good luck out there and may the high conversion be with you 😉


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