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  • Become a Top Affiliate: Useful Tips by Winners of AdCombo’s Challenges
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    Fortune rewards those who constantly keep moving forward.

    Behind the achievements of top affiliates and their luxury lives hide hard work, strong will, and a determined desire to reach high levels of affiliate marketing. Successful affiliates always set themselves new challenges and strive for greater results. Besides this, each top has its own secret of success.

    We interviewed the winners of our previous AdCombo challenges and asked them to share their amazing stories, experiences, and some tips with the CPA community. Read these articles below and get motivated to accomplish new feats in the niche!

    🏆 Interview with the Past Years’ Winners. Nikita Tells How to Bring the Team Together and Become Top-1 in One Month!To become a top affiliate, you have to think like a top affiliate!” An interview with Nikita will motivate you to believe in your success on the way to new heights. In 2017, Nikita and his team won a brand new Ferrari California in the Ferrari AdChallenge. The guys joined the Challenge 1 month before it was over!

    🏆 AdCombo’s Challenges Winners. Vladimir’s Posh’n’Porsche Experience and Unexpected Win of Porsche 718 Boxster S I think I won the prize since I didn’t even think about it.” From this interview, you will learn how focusing on progress can help you achieve outstanding success in CPA. In 2020, Vladimir and his team won one of the major prizes of the challenge and did not even understand that fortune smiled on them.

    🏆 AdCombo’s Challenges Winners. Enthusiasm Community: Team Progress, Belief in Success and Winning of Tesla Model 3 “Start as early as possible, since then it can be even more difficult to do that”. From this interview, you will know about the team’s strive for progress, expectations, and motivating attitude toward failures. In 2021, Enthusiasm Community took part in the Teslavision challenge and won a much-awaited prize – Tesla Model 3, one of the challenge’s major prizes! 

    And last, but not least.

    🏆 History of two-time winners of AdCombo Challenges. LIDERA Team: about professionalism and consistently high results “Believe in your strength and you will succeed!” In 2020, the guys got Porsche 911 Carrera 4S at the Posn’n’Porsche Party in Dubai. In 2021, the chip with the team’s name on was pulled out again at TeslaFest in Dubai, when $50 000, one of the major prizes, was being raffled. Read the article to learn the team’s motto that moves them forward and to believe in yourself whatever happens.

    Recently we have set off on The Great AdVenture, a new AdCombo challenge that can become a story of your success! We hope that the inspiring examples of our winners will help you achieve awesome results in your new journey with us! 

    🗺 Find more info on The Great AdVenture here. 🗺

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