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    The most important indicator of effective cooperation for an advertiser is the number of buyouts among confirmed orders of an affiliate.

    Buyout, or a completed sale, is when the customer pays for the product on delivery.

    Although on the COD model affiliates are paid after the lead confirms the order by phone, the percentage of buyouts from these orders shows how effective the cooperation is.

    So what can affect the buyout rate? Right targeting!

    Sometimes finding the right targets is like walking around a playfield with dynamites and chests of gold.

    But what if we tell you we have a map with all the chests marked?

    We’ve requested information from some of our leading advertisers and created a map with the best buyout zones to target.

    For now, it’s available only for some offers in LATAM

    Usage instructions and the map are ready for you on the page ➡ https://promo.adcombo.com/map/ 

    Get the doubled advantages from one campaign!

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