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  • CASE STUDY: First campaign and already with $2500 profit! WOW
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    Affiliate from Bolivia got $2500 in her first campaign without asking for special conditions! She also gained a ROI of 51%!

    Don’t you believe us? Well, you can check it out it for yourself:

    We would like to present to you the first case study we received from the Bolivian affiliate!

    Note: If you know Spanish, you can also watch a live case study review here

    We are sure that her first-person written experience will be very interesting and useful for you: even if you are a beginner or a real CPA professional.


    Offer: 33796 Matcha Suri – MX
    GEO: Mexico
    Period: 03/14/2023 to 08/16/2023
    Landing: [93217] Matcha Suri – Leaves (one screen) – MX
    Traffic Source: Facebook Ads
    Revenue: $ 7367.50
    Spending: $ 4,864.87
    Profit: $2,502.63
    ROI: 51,4%


    I selected this offer and traffic source because of a video I saw on Adcombo’s YouTube channel.
    I used the landing page [93217] Matcha Suri – Leaves (one screen) – MX because I found it eye-catching and easy for my audience to understand it.


    I tested 5 creatives at the start to see which one works best, taking into account Facebook’s advertising policies to avoid being banned. 

    In the end, the one that worked best and brought the most potential customers was:

    The other 4 creatives were:

    More ads used in the campaign:

    Technical details

    • In order to find the potential clients I set up a Pixel to obtain the results that are shown in Mexico.
    • I downloaded the landing from AdCombo, pasted the Facebook pixel and then uploaded the landing to my hosting with our custom domain.
    • I rotated the creatives in different campaigns.
    • Age: 25 to 55 without interest to test Facebook’s artificial intelligence.

    Facebook campaign

    Real numbers!!! 😱💲


    The campaign became a real success: since the very first day we got profit that was equal or higher than the determined budget of $30 per day.

    7367.5  (Revenues)

    4864.87 (Spendings)


    Profit: $2,502.63 😍

    At present I do not promote this offer but it still has a great potential.

    I hope that my case study will inspire others to launch their marketing campaigns with AdCombo.

    Best wishes!!!

    Working on your own can never be easy. So, when you do CPA-marketing alone and make profit it is really a great achievement!  When you manage to accomplish all of this on the first try – it is a serious bid for victory!

    AdCombo thanks its solo-affiliate from Bolivia for her detailed story and courage to make experiments and fruitful cooperation with us. We wish her a big profit and more CPA wins!
    AdCombo Team


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