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    ROI of 199% in 34 days is a really impressive achievement!

    If you want to know how an AdCombo affiliate has done this, we offer you to read the complete case study he sent us.

    The inspiring journey that started on Black Friday, lasted for 1 month and ended with a profit of $2326 awaits you!

    Let yourself immerse into this CPA-adventure!


    Offer: Simpla 360

    GEO: Mexico

    Period: 34 days in 2023 (from 11/22/2023 to 12/26/2023)

    Landing page: [93989 Coral – MX].

    Traffic Source: Facebook Ads

    Revenue: $3,496

    Spend: $1,170

    Profit: $2,326

    ROI: 199%


    I chose this offer due to the great results I had with other anti-aging offers in the past and I saw an excellent payout for Mexico for Black Friday in AdCombo. Also, I consulted with my Affiliate Manager, Maria and noticed a few ads in the Facebook Ad Library.

    I chose this landing page because it is Facebook-friendly, and I’ve used it successfully in the past with another offer. I didn’t make any changes to the page and used it as it is in AdCombo.

    No tracker software was used.

    I bought a web hosting for $4.95/month at Banahosting and a domain for $10 a year at Hostgator. I simply linked them and uploaded the page onto my server, creating a folder with the product’s name.


    So the first thing I did was to make 3 creatives on canva.com, you don’t need the help of a graphic designer, really, canva is very easy to use.

    And for the text of the ad I asked Сhat GPT (artificial intelligence) to create me some persuasive copies for the sale of an anti-wrinkle cream in Facebook Ads.

    This is how I formulated the task for this offer for Chat GPT:

    “Write like the best copywriter ever. I need a persuasive text in Spanish about a Christmas offer for the anti-age cream for Meta Ads”.

    And I got this:

    “Discover the secret of the eternal youth this Christmas!

    Let this holiday be special with this exclusive offer that will transform your skin!

    We present you the special edition of the anti-age cream!

    Give yourself or to your loved ones a perfect gift – our anti-age cream that makes skin look fantastic…”

    Una vez que tuve mis creativos y mi texto para utilizarlo en la campaña solo me faltaba abrir el administrador de anuncios y utilizar una cuenta publicitaria, me aseguré de crear una página de Facebook y una de Instagram para el producto que estaba por promocionar Simpla 360 en Mexico.

    Once I had my creatives and text ready to use in the campaign, all I had to do was to open the Ads Manager and use the ad account. I made sure that I had created two pages, one in Facebook, another in Instagram, where I could promote Simpla 360 in Mexico. 

    The target campaign was LEADS: I made sure to install the pixel on the order.php page on my server.

    Then, I set up the campaign with no interest. In the ad set I only edited the gender (female) and age 30-64 years old. I did this by doing prior market research using Chatgpt.

    However, you could also leave gender and age open and Facebook uses its intelligence to optimize itself in the best possible way.

    Interest: No interest

    Budget: $20 per day

    Target audience: Women 30-64 years old

    For the optimization, I reviewed the campaign after 5 days and identified the ads that were performing well. I turned off the ads that were not generating results and had already spent a budget of $3. This way, we can optimize the campaign by only keeping the ads with a low CPA of less than $3.

    These were the ads I did:

    By the way, 3×2 offers work very well. However, before promoting it, you must first ask your manager if the offer has such a promotion.

    The page I used: as I mentioned before I didn’t make any changes. Here is an image of how it looks.

    To scale, I did the following: I duplicated the campaign with the ads that were running with a $20 daily budget without turning off the campaign that is already running.

    Additionally, in another ad account, I created another campaign with the same ads that were running with a $20 daily budget.

    Spending: advertising


    Finally, I would like to tell you that Facebook ads are still a source of high quality traffic for AdCombo offers.

    During this process, it’s common to receive negative comments on your ads. Don’t worry, it’s important to acknowledge them and respond in a positive and helpful manner. Ignoring them can negatively impact the success of your campaign.

    I did all the work by myself, but I highly recommend seeking help from others if you struggle with certain tasks. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

    Really great work! Taking into account the durability of the campaign (only one month) it makes clear that it requires a great dedication from the affiliate to achieve such good results!
    Moreover, it is under no question that working closely with your affiliate manager is super-important for everyone who wants to be aware of the most lucrative offers!
    So we strongly recommend you to check the AdCombo social networks where we regularly post information about promos and bumps! 

    AdCombo Team

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