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  • Case Study: How to Make $10,000 Profit on Facebook and Rank in the Top-5 at AdCombo
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    Rock’n’roll Team, or simply RRTeam, is rocking the scene!

    Experts in Facebook ads and proficient marketers in LATAM, Top-5 at The Grand Ad Society Challenge, and just awesome guys, have shared their case study on advertising for hypertension in Chile via Facebook. Let’s dive into their first-person account!

    Hello everyone! Today I want to share our experience in promoting the Incasol offer from Adcombo. We hope this case study will be exciting and inspire you to replicate and even surpass our stats in this geographic area!

    Offer: Incasol Geo:
    Chile Period: 07/01/2023 – 08/31/2023
    Landing page: https://marequipa.store/mC8ySSKT (pre-lander)
    Traffic source: Facebook
    Revenues: ~ $45,000
    Expenses: ~ $35,000
    Profit: ~ $10,000
    ROI: ~ 30%


    We chose this offer for several reasons. Firstly, we had experience in this niche in Chile and always saw good conversions. Secondly, the payout and approval terms offered by AdCombo were quite attractive. Thirdly, AdCombo was hosting another superb contest (Grand Ad Society Challenge) with a jackpot of ~$36k 🤩🤩🤩

    Facebook was our natural choice for the traffic source, as it’s our main platform and we’re well-adapted to its quirks.

    We used a pre-lander, created and translated a top-performing Russian teaser combo using Deepl. The characters were fictional; we replaced some photos and kept others from the Russian version. It was a hit from the start (yes, that happens😁), and we decided to scale up in this challenging geo.

    Landing page (pre-lander): https://marequipa.store/mC8ySSKT

    Choosing a tracker wasn’t a question; we’ve been successfully working with Keitaro for a long time. HideClick cloak + Keitaro. We used .com domains without subdomains following this scheme: 1 campaign – 1 domain, routed through Cloudflare.

    Tracker Filter Settings

    Campaign Execution

    We had a wide range of creative options (examples of our approach will be below). In our case, 99% of the creatives were static because our attempts with video faced high CPM and unjustifiably expensive clicks.

    Initially, we used a medical approach with a doctor from the landing page, which gave good results. We also tried a teaser approach to diversify our creatives, and it was quite successful at times.

    ➡️ We used the Dolphin anti-detect browser.

    We tested creatives this way: strong King+2BM configuration, max auto-registrations (limit 50). Mainly BRO usa cards, USA auto-registrations, and USA residential proxies.

    We launched campaigns following 1-6-6, 1-5-5, 1-4-4 schemes to determine the best creatives. Then, for strong creatives, we switched to a 1-3-1 scheme.

    Here’s a little lifehack on how we managed to get more cheap leads in this GEO. We used a BM (mainly 250), attached as many personal accounts as possible, and used a master pixel on all cabinets. This approach allowed FB to learn faster and provided equally good lead prices across all cabinets, regardless of the creative used 😉

    Here are some text examples we used:

    1. Un método totalmente natural para limpiar los vasos sanguíneos
    2. Es hora de volver a tu antigua vida con un corazón sano
    3. El cardiólogo más importante de Chile ha encontrado por fin una forma de limpiar los vasos sanguíneos y el secreto de la longevidad

    Below are some examples of our creatives:


    Analyzing all the traffic, I can say that FB provided a good audience for this geo and offer. Of course, combined with the fantastic approval and payout from our partners at Adcombo, we achieved quite impressive results and made it into the top-5 in Adcombo’s contest.

    Tips for successful campaign execution are described above in the third section; the testing and scaling strategy applies not only to this GEO and offer.

    Below is our statistics


    Tracker statistics

    AdCombo statistics

    Our old ad accounts are gone; these are the new accounts through which we’re currently advertising for hypertension in Chile. To give you an idea of the lead price:

    Age group analysis, which age group most often takes a certain action

    Here we show that GEO is Chile

    Where the leads come from within FB

    I would like to express my gratitude to our manager Maria, who was always ready to help us with any issues.

    Thanks to the RRTeam for their useful tips based on their cool Facebook marketing practice! Good luck, guys! Keep moving forward and aiming higher!

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