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  • Case Study. The Secret Formula of Profit: Inno Gialuron Mexico + Facebook ads
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    Hey, guys!

    In today’s Case Study, we’re going to show you a real way to gain almost $3000 of profit in just one month! All you need is our Beauty offer – Inno Gialuron in Mexico and Facebook ads.

    This case study will be quite useful for those, who are already working with Facebook ads and Latin America or going to enter this set of GEOs soon.

    Let’s go!

    Prefer reading? Here is the text version of the case study. Enjoy!

    Check out the main deets of the campaign first: 

    Period: 25/08/2021 – 30/09/2021 

    Offer: 6048 Inno Gialuron – MX 

    GEO: Mexico

    Traffic source: Facebook ads

    Revenue: $5733

    Spend: $2734.33

    Profit: $2998.67

    ROI: 109%

    Please note that the ad campaign took only one month from 25th August 2021 until 30th September 2021, nevertheless, our publisher has managed to get such a good profit!

    It was about $2734 in spend. Revenue amounted to $5733, and we reached a pure profit of around $3000. At that time, our affiliate decided to use Facebook ads as a traffic source. And he launched the campaign in Mexico, that was a nice choice!

    Getting into this ad campaign, everything started with the advice of his affiliate manager – Maria. She said that the landing page [23338] TE – (N) – InnoGialuron – MX – Orange – latam had an incredible performance. Furthermore, 3 landing pages had been tested, but this one showed the best results. The page was very whitehat for Facebook, and it was one of the most important advantages.

    Now we can go over three creatives with the highest CTR. But note that more than 50 types of pics were tested. And remember, guys, creatives make more than half of your ad campaign’s success!  

    But none of the top 3 images could be compared to the efficiency of a video. 90% of the campaign’s success was obtained with the video, as the CTR suppressed the images’ performance doubly.

    And here we came to one of the most important things: moderation on Facebook. This campaign solved the moderation quest easily. The secret lies in the advertising account. The ad was launched from an old one; without bans and with a budget spent on whitehat campaigns

    So welcome to the inside statistics data of this Inno Gialuron ad campaign:

    To sum up, we advise you to test as many creatives as needed and pay attention to the quality of your accounts!

    And don’t forget that profit on Facebook is real even in 2021!


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