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  • CASE STUDY: How to Win LATAM through Diet ⚡
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    Profit of $12.000 with ROI 137%! Wow, what an incredible case study by our affiliate from LATAM!

    Short, concrete and full of profit – that’s how real CPA pros describe their campaigns.

    Do you want to repeat it? Read it now! 

    1. Introduction

    Offer: 33796 Matcha Suri – MX

    Period: 07/02/2023 to 12/08/2023

    GEO: Mexico

    Landing: [94268] Matcha Suri – light green-blue – MX

    Traffic Source: Facebook Ads

    Revenue: $ 21.023,50

    Cost: $ 8.854,16

    Profit: $ 12.169,34

    ROI: 137%

    2. Preparation

    I selected this offer using the Adcombo Bot on Telegram

    The bot informed me that this light green-blue Landing Page had a high AR. Also it was different from what my competitors had chosen, so I decided to use it.

    3. Implementation

    I used 2 creatives to find out which one would work best, considering Facebook’s advertising policy. I wanted to avoid rejections or bans.

    The first creative was better and brought me many leads:

    Text above:

    Become the best version of yourself. Payment upon receipt. Delivery accross the country”.

    Lower text: “DON’T LOSE A CHANCE! After two years of tests, scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of Matcha Suri “

    The second one:

    The text is the same.

    Technical details:

    1. The campaign was launched with the objective of Leads:
    1. I set up the event “Potential leads” in pixel
    1. I also set up a “Purchase” event to activate the completion of the LP form.
    1. Audience segmentation was directly targeted to Mexico.
    1. Age: from 20 to 40 years old.
    1.  I used my own domain.

    Facebook campaign:

    4. Conclusions

    The campaign was successful from the beginning. It obtained high profit from the first day, sometimes exceeding by far the $50 daily investment. 

    I got a total profit of $12,169.34. 💪🤑

     21.023,50  (Revenue)

     8.854,16 (Cost)


    Profit: $12.169,34 💪🤑

    At the moment I am trying to work with new offers and I already have some profitable campaigns.

    You can make real money online with AdCombo by working hard, taking risks and being proud of your achievements.

    The only obstacle on your way to success can be only yourself. Launch your campaign today. 

    Greetings and let’s achieve more. 

    Thanks Jhonny, great campaign with a lot of fundamental and key information for all affiliates. By the way, the offer mentioned in this case study is still relevant, you can use it in your campaign right now! 

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