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    Classic AdCombo diet offer Matcha Slim with Google Ads by our Peruvian affiliate is a perfect combination on how to achieve ROI 218%.  In this very detailed case study you will find a lot of recommendations and tips on CPA-marketing with a specific focus on Google Ads.

    How to run Google Ads with a NUTRA product? How to choose a landing page? Which keywords to use? To cloak or not to cloak? 

    Hurry up to read a new case study and expand your knowledge about Google Ads !


    Offer: 33200 – Matcha Slim – PE
    GEO: Peru
    Period: 03/07/2023 – 26/09/2023
    Landing page: (93212) Matcha Slim – Leaves – PE
    Traffic Source: Google Ads
    Revenue: $2464.00
    Spend: $774.32
    Profit: $1689.68
    ROI: 218%


    Matcha Slim in Peru is one of the top AdCombo offers, moreover, the product itself is in great demand among the customers. 

    Anyway, I always check the number of requests in Google Trend. For example, Matcha Slim Peru appears in search approximately 5000 times a month. It is a good result for Peru. Usually, I work with an offer in Google Trend when I see 2000 requests per month. 

    I searched for the best landing pages in AdCombo bot, and finally picked one as a pattern for the future landing page that I wanted to generate in WordPress.

    The landing page I finally created:

    In order to implement the landing page in WordPress it is necessary to set the WordPress editor to Code Editor and paste the html code of the landing page provided by AdCombo.

    And to implement the CSS we must copy the CSS code and paste it into the additional CSS customization section in WordPress:

    Finally, all images must be uploaded to WordPress:

     I used a thrive architect plugin in order to improve the CSS of the landing page and to create a contact form by connecting it with AdCombo API.

    However, you can use any plugin to create forms. The ad was going to send traffic directly to the landing page. The connection between the AdCombo and the thrive architect plugin form is very simple, in this case you don’t use order.php, you must use the API in the form of URL:

    https://api.adcombo.com/api/v2/order/create/?api_key=871b0eb8e4c1f374f007b86de c4d82&ainame={inputs.names}&phone={inputs.numeric- field}&offer_id=33200&country_code=PE&base_url=slimmatcha.site&price=140&referr er=google.com&ip={ip}

    You must create a form with 2 fields, one for the name and one for the phone number, plus a button to send the data. Then, go to SETTINGS & INTEGRATIONS.

    Then, it is necessary to select an option to send the data to a specific URL, in this case it will be the “thank you” page along with our API.

    I decided to use Google Ads to run traffic because Matcha Slim is an already well-known product and has a long search history in Google.

    I recommend to choose “Potential clients” as a target:

    Then it is necessary to choose “Search”:

    You need to enter the keywords that will help to search for customers interested in product:

    Then the titles that motivate a customer to act:

    When I work with Google Ads I don’t use an external tracker, but the same Google Ads tracking pixel to analyze the metrics of the ads.

    The installation of the Google Ads pixel is very simple and intuitive, it is done from the “Configure Google Tag” section. You need to copy the code and paste it in the headingof our landing page and that’s it.

    When I work with Google Ads instead of cloaking to analyze metrics and the efficiency of announcements I prefer to use Incapsula – a paid platform that provides my website with secure IP-addresses, so I do not worry about bans.

    We just change the nameservers in our Cpanel, and the platform automatically generates copies of our domain in other servers.


    The most important thing while working with such campaigns is to use as many word combinations as possible, because Google Ads educates itself and soon starts to use the most effective combinations. Keywords should contain the motivation to act, for example:

    Original titleTranslation
    Comprar Matcha SlimBuy Matcha Slim
    Matcha Slim PrecioMatcha Slim Price
    Donde Comprar Matcha SlimWhere to buy Matcha Slim
    Beneficios Matcha SlimAdvantages Matcha Slim
    Matcha Slim en PerúMatcha Slim in Peru

    Speaking about the headings, it is highly recommendable to put gripping phrases in them that will inform customers immediately about promotions, deadlines or product’s advantages, for example:

    Original phraseTranslation
    Matcha Slim Perú – 50% de Descuento50% Sale Matcha Slim Perú 
    Matcha Slim Perú – Oferta sólo por hoyMatcha Slim Perú – Only today – best price
    Página oficial Matcha Slim PerúMatcha Slim Perú – official website
    Promoción especial hoy Matcha Slim PerúMatcha Slim Perú – special one-day offer
    Matcha Slim Perú – Oferta por tiempo limitadoMatcha Slim Perú – Sale only today

    I advise setting up the event “Potential clients” and spend the sufficient budget to recollect all the necessary information during the “education” phrase. The daily budget of this campaign was $9. I also would like to remind that it is highly preferable not to segment the target audience too much, because the algorithm will search for the best potential clients for our announcement and it will take time to do it, so it is necessary to give it time to analyze the results of the campaign after launching.


    After nearly 3 months of running the campaign, the announcements generated 16356 clicks, which produced 764 Leads. In its turn, it led to 154 sales. Due to the fact that the commission for each sale was $16, this campaign generated an income of $2464.50 and the total expense was $774.32, therefore the profit was $1604.50 with ROI 218%.

    There is no question that it is necessary to give the campaign enough time to collect information. It will be a mistake to stop the campaign when you see that there are few leads in the first days. This job requires patience, and you will definitely see the positive changes.

    According to my experience, in order to scale the campaign in Google Ads you need to increase the daily budget, then the campaign will stabilize and be out of the learning phase. In my case, I increased the budget by 10% each month. Important thing to remember: this process should be gradual if you want to get better results.

    It is also important to respect the advertising policies of Google Ads to avoid bans.

    A great case study and a great description – such an explicit guide for all those who want to run traffic with Google Ads with diet offers. Explanations like “how to” or “how not to”  with practical examples focused on the Matcha Slim offer in Peru that is still one of the best offers. 

    On the other hand, success can rarely be accidental, more often it comes after making many mistakes, that’s why AdCombo recommends all affiliates to learn from the experience of others and analyze all the informative materials that we publish on our Telegram channel.

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