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    AdCombo always participates in the major industry events around the world: ADdays, AWE, AWA, adtech, DMEXCO are just a few of them. We are really excited about meeting our dear affiliates from different parts of the world. So it’s clear with us, but why should affiliates attend meetups and conferences?

    There are at least 5 reasons for that:

    1. Most people attend meetings in order to know top trends in the industry. Every conference is eager to acquire best industry experts as their speakers. So grab a pen and a notepad to write down every piece of useful info you will hear, since most of the time all video and audio recordings will be available in a few weeks. And time here matters a lot. In a week everyone will have info from the conference and now you have a huge advantage.

    An opportunity to ask a question is also a huge plus. After each speech there is additional time given for the question part, you can ask any questions regarding the speech topic. And a speaker should answer them without a chance to ignore. Cool!

    2. Networking is a key ingredient when attending such events. Thanks to the Internet, online participation is possible, but face to face communication can never be substituted. Just remember a simple truth – the right hands shaken can determine your successful future. Be active and communicative, try getting as many contacts as you can. Discuss different issues with more experienced fellow affiliates and even ask them if they could mentor you.Top managers of affiliate networks are also regular guests at the conferences. Feel free to question them.                                                                                                                                 

    3. Apart from regular visitors, there are different networks which are represented by their managers. Use that opportunity to finally meet your affiliate manager in person. Have a friendly chat with her or him and who knows, maybe there will be exclusive conditions arranged just for you 😉

    Also our affiliate managers admit that psychologically it is easier to communicate with those affiliates who you know personally. So don’t hesitate!

    4. Free stuff/ merch/ loot. Let’s be honest, for some of us going to the conference is not only about networking and learning. As a bonus on such events comes free merch. Sponsors are striving to surprise visitors with an exotic merchandise. Different keychains, stickers, pens, mugs, notepads… all this branded merchandise can be looted at every booth. And contests… a conference can’t be considered a success without an iPhone-iPad-Apple giveaway.

    5. Obvious, but it worth mentioning – don’t forget to have fun. In most cases, you’ve paid good money for that ticket.

    Now that you prepared, please join our team on Affiliate Summit East which will be held in New York (29-31 July). Our affiliate managers  will be glad to welcome you at the booth #8001 and meet market #1012.


    See you there!



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