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  • Experience through Focus
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    We all know that the world of FB Ads is a quite interesting field which is full of unexpected and uneven cases. Today we have a very interesting experience of identifying how low-quality ads are being run legally on Facebook from Tim Krawtchenko. Read below 😉

    Hola, everyone. People in the industry usually ask how superaffiliates manage to discover some extraordinary solutions and tips for Facebook ads. They consider one needs to be a member of several secret chats, groups, forums or masterminds in order to get the access to such content. The truth is, these extraordinary solutions are the consequence of mind activity rather than the result of chat-reading activity. To be good at running ads you should not only read plenty of chats (or groups or whatever). You need to be focused, persistent and curious yourself. Let me show how this works.

    I am using Facebook on various devices (both mobile and desktop). Depending on the device, the platform shows different ads to a single account. For instance, one of my home laptops is the target to show the most low-quality ads like Crypto, Plug-ins (which consist of viruses), scam projects, scam telegram channels and so on. To cut a long story short – these are the shitty ads that must be banned immediately. Yeah, I provided  special behavior on Facebook to reach these results, so now I do not need any spy-tool to see scam ads (sounds good, isn’t it?)

    One day I was reached with the following ads: 

    You might never know, but this guy is a sort of a Russian propaganda celebrity. And according to the ads, he claims to have a secret life, but now it’s time to reveal the truth, lol (is exactly what we do love). So, it is funny as it is, but I decided to go through: WHO, WHY and IN WHAT WAY is promoting such a scummy  ad.

    First, I checked the fanpage (as I usually do), its age, how long the ads are being run, how many ads it currently has, what targeting it uses and so on.

    1. https://www.facebook.com/Eat-Chill-104147384315865/ – the page itself was just two weeks old. It looked like a page of a cafe or a restaurant. No fanpage farming at all was performed.
    2. There was the only ad performed by this page: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=129139265150010&id=104147384315865 (now it is not running, as this guy was banned at last);
    3. The targeting was pretty wide: Russia, Male, 18+

    Okay, it does not look too much suspicious, as lots of blackhatters run ads like this. We can see that the affiliate is running Crypto ads on a pretty fresh (I mean not aged and warmed-up) page on behalf of a restaurant. By the way, the ad content and fanpage do not correspond or even related somehow. How does Facebook bot allowed it? This is interesting. Thus, we go on our investigation.

    Let’s have a look at the ad directly. When clicked, you are sent to a very primitive cloaker: 

    1. the safe page for a bot/moderator: https://eatnchill.squarespace.com/dmitry
    2. the cloaked prelander: https://is.gd/e8e8DZ

    Page shifting is provided with the help of rude redirection. It’s because of new Facebook cloaking filter by the way. Nevertheless, the ad was active for 4 days (by the moment I discovered it) and it was quite safe. But, to be honest, if we look at the amount of likes and comments – we’ll hardly believe that the ad had good reach.

    Prelander sends us to an offer named Bitcoin Era:

    https://bitcoins-era.net/ru/sign-up?campaign_id=YpMcm77a&c=59f79cdc-72f5-4eaa-b30a-b6c187e73d7e&p1=clickman&p3=hugeoffers , which is the offer of a HUGE OFFERS affiliate network. It can be checked in the text of a URL.

    Everything seemed to be quite obvious. So, I tried to check the safe page on a website: https://eatnchill.squarespace.com/dmitry . The website appeared to be just a template of a cafe or a restaurant made with the help of Squarespace platform. I think lots of you know what Squarespace is about. It is an EXTREMELY popular platform for restaurant websites in the USA. Thousands of local businesses (especially in NY) have their websites on Squarespace. Of course, they run ads through Facebook Ads.

    Every piece of content made on that platform is OK for Facebook. Facebook gives a lot of its trust to such websites, thus it is the best choice for a blackhat marketer. To make a fast website you just need to use a Basil template. This template will generate a website with basic content just on the go. You can use your new safe page just immediately. 

    The cloaker is performed through a js code which sends traffic directly to a cloaking module (if there is any). Then your script decides, if the user is a moderator/bot or your traffic audience and either sends the request back to the whitehat website or to a moneypage. Easy-breezy.

    Whois results of Squarespace.com shows a solid age of a domain. Facebook receives thousands of ads that have Squarespace in their content. The only thing needs to be done – is to make the content of a fanpage and the content of your website to look similar and correspond. And that’s it – your [USER_TRUST] is good enough to run any blackhat stuff you want.

    There is one more lifehack to use. Every website made on Squarespace has a page named “locations”. This page has a template text with the address of your company. Basically, you need to fix it, but most people ignore it. That’s how it looks like: 

    Of course, these addresses are fake. But if you google them – you’ll find more than 130k of websites built on Squarespace. I checked some random websites and realized that some websites were definitely the safe pages for Facebook Ads.

    By the way, Squarespace costs 26 dollars per month (for a business option, as basic does not allow js). There is also a domain with SSL and a google coupon as bonuses to your purchase, so you’ll not be disappointed in any way. In order to seem more trustful for Facebook, you can use the same Facebook account to sign up to Squarespace and to run ads from there; you’ll have the maximum benefit.

    To sum everything up.

    I am sharing this post not to give you the insights, but to show that some curiosity and persistence can give you much more rather than reading dozens of chats. I just wanted to demonstrate my way of thinking. It helped me to find some very interesting schemes (that are, by the way, used by some affiliates. Sorry, guys). You can find gold nuggets anywhere. Just stay focused.

    That is it. 


  • joni 09.10.19 at 8:59 pm

    Thanks bro 🙂

  • Rishi 10.10.19 at 12:18 am

    this is definitely a golden nugget, really appreciate you sharing it , thanks again.

  • iAmAttila 13.10.19 at 5:03 pm

    So you shared that aged domains get approved better, like tumblr and shit. Or google websites for business for adwords; as we’ve seen for PPC.

    Write a guide how to get ads instantly approved, so they don’t sit in reviews for 3+ hours 🙂

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