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  • What qualities a great affiliate manager should have
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    Affiliate Managers play one of the pivotal roles in an Affiliate Network – they are the main connectors between advertisers and publishers.
    These are the people who work directly with publishers (affiliates), coordinate them, and give useful tips on how to earn more and so on. They also are the people who communicate with advertisers, track all the significant indexes, make payouts and etc. Most of their work is the basis for everyone else’s work in the Affiliate Network, andit is a very important responsibility to commit it to a newcomer.
    So then, what is a good Affiliate Manager like? Let us see.
    First of all, a huge part of the Affiliate Manager’s work is communication – with publishers, with advertisers, with other departments to solve all the problems they may face, even with bloggers and experts sometimes. Therefore, a good Affiliate Manager, more likely, should be an extrovert. Every day Affiliate Managers answer huge amounts of questions andestablish business connections. It would be quite hard to do such work for a person who is not sociable and don’t like communicating with others.
    But being social is not enough to become a good Affiliate Manager. Another important thing ispatience. A lot of patience. Everyone who works with people to varying degree knows how hard it is. Now imagine: hundreds of affiliates asking questions about the offers, the payments, and the traffic every day. Keeping in mind that AdCombo is an Affiliate Network which accept newbies, there always are numerous questions about how to start in Affiliate Marketing, how to use AdCombo and so on. Being patient means not only answering to all these questions but also doing it very carefully with a lot of attention which is not as easy to do as to say.
    The next significant thing is Affiliate Manager’sfair knowledge of the Internet Marketing area. How it can be possible to coordinate publishers without knowing all the processes? A good Affiliate Manager should be able to explain not only things about the offers but also about how the network’s system works, what other Affiliate Networks do, what are the best trackers for collecting data, where are the most important conferences and so on (having in mind the newbies again) – these are a lot of things to learn about.
    For any Affiliate Manager, multitasking is absolutely normal way of doing business: speaking on the phone, typing an email, chatting on skype, whats app, viber and other messengers, running different errands, monitoring the competitors and many other activities are performed at the same time. Seriously, they can surpass Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte.
    It also should be noted that Affiliate Managers are extremely interested in your success, since their income depends on it. Bearing this in mind, you should understand that the affiliate manager is a reliable partner for you no matter what kind of problem you have. Affiliate Managers understand that you spend your hard-earned money on all the campaigns and they are distressed for you if something doesn’t work, so they ask very attentively what is wrong and how they can be of help for you.
    Remember, the Affiliate Manager is your true friend who is able to resolve a wide range of issues. In this regard, it is rather logical that the affiliate manager is also stress-resistant, creative, and opened-minded; therefore he can generate nonstandard solutions.

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