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  • The Beginner’s Journey: How a PR Manager Started Affiliate Marketing. Part 2. Story
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    Hey there, PR-fire Vi is here! While the preparations for the launch of my first ad campaign are in progress, I’ll tell you about myself.

    My name is Victoria, and I’m a PR manager at AdCombo. My affiliate experiment will help me better understand you, our audience. So I can improve the content I produce. Also, my experience can help newbies who are taking their first steps in affiliate marketing.

    I have my superhero alter ego, PR-fire Vi. Probably, you’ve already heard about me. At AdCombo, all the employees are real CPA superheroes!

    True comic book fans are likely to recognize Koriand’r Starfire in my character. I like her easygoing and cheerful character. Her ability to have a good time and get herself organized when needed to complete her mission. Kori is full of solar energy, and I love the sun too.  The difference is that Kori converts the sun’s energy into her power, and I convert information into useful content. Education is (sun)light, right?

    What else can I do? Smash affiliates’ obstacles caused by the lack of data; and go into super-stamina mode to find information and turn it into articles, posts, and more!

    The content amulet (as effective as the Money Amulet in AdCombo) on my suit helps me find and attract necessary info. The PP on it signifies Pr Power / Pr-Powered – the Power that magnetizes large amounts of data and transforms it into useful content for you.

    I learned all this on the planet CPAran, from where I came to the ADC Universe three years ago. On CPAran, affiliate marketing information was everywhere: it flooded the seas, grew on trees, and flew in the wind as it fell from the branches. 

    Almost all CPArants were affiliate sages as they could absorb info and produce secret hints, effective ad strategies, ideas for converting creatives, etc. I admired them and wanted to be filled with affiliate consciousness too.

    However, the planet and Universe CPAran were destroyed by invaders from the Weta Universe.

    Then I went to the ADC Universe since it was inhabited by true superheroes who help affiliates successfully fight for their profits. With my ability, I’m an awesome addition to this cool team! 

    Working with such strong and enthusiastic superheroes is very inspiring. It’s nice to see our powers unite here. We discover new abilities together, not forgetting to develop those we already have. 

    This time I’ll advance my ability. My goal is not to simply convert ready-found information into content, but to acquire it myself, through tests.

    Soon, I’ll tell you what offer I choose, and from what source I’ll start my affiliate journey.

    Maybe you have some recommendations for me? Drop them in the comments!

    See ya later!


  • Charles 09.11.22 at 10:02 pm

    Mmmm, I don’t think I understood the post. What was the objective? To tell a science fiction story or to show your learning process? Is it just the introduction to your journey and will you create future content explaining how you progress?

    Thank you.

    • Victoria AdCombo (PRfire Vi) 14.11.22 at 1:11 am

      Hi there! Yeah, this is a post-introductory story to give you more deets about my character. The post aims at entertaining our readers, and soon it will be followed by posts with my recommendations, notes, and progress in running traffic. So, stay turned, and thanks for your interest! Hope you like my story (:happy:)

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