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  • Facebook Ads Mastermind
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    As we already announced AdCombo will be attending Affiliate World Europe this month. But this is only half cool, the other thing is that we prepared Facebook Ads Mastermind for our dear affiliates. The speaker will be Tim Krawtchenko, AdCombo’s PR director. The guy who knows about Facebook Ads so much that some say that once he even persuaded Facebook support team to farm accounts for him. All in all,  we highly recommend attending this event. 

    Now some additional details about the mastermind. On 8th of July at 20:00 AdCombo team will be welcoming you for a cocktail party. So be prepared to make new friends and to have some fun. 

    Also for those of you who don’t like loud music we prepared a private room where you’ll be able to chill and to have a friendly chat with Tim Krawtchenko. Breathtaking view of the Mediterrenian Sea will be a nice bonus here. 

    Admission is free, as always, but we recommend you to give a note to your manager in advance or else there won’t be passes left. 

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