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    We have surprising news for you, guys!

    It looks like Facebook is killing its < 20%-text-in-images rule for ads! This news was shared by Matt Navarra, social media industry commentator and leaker, in his post on Twitter.

    He proved his words with an attached screenshot of the message from Facebook.

    Starting Sept 7, Facebook has been consistently removing all materials and sources related to the 20% rule, as said in the message.

    Also, Facebook stated that although they wouldn’t penalize advertisers for adding much text to a pic, adding more than 20% percent of text to an ad image could affect the ad performance. Advertisers should always keep this in mind together with the remaining text content requirements. 

    Btw, we tried to use the text overlay tool, but it failed to function correctly. We either were redirected to the Help Center (article “Best Practices For Image Ads on Facebook”) or got an image upload failure message.

    What do you think of the matter? Would it make running Facebook ads significantly easier? Why Facebook hasn’t announced it officially yet?

    Wanna discuss it? Leave a comment!

    May there be more pleasant Facebook updates for all of us! 🙂

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