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  • First you read, then you win!
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    Hey, affiliates!

    We know that it’s been a while since we have intrigued you with some vague news on our new upcoming event. Now, it’s time to reveal a secret. 

    Starting from the Feb 1, 2020, all the affiliates registered with AdCombo become full participants of our new contest during which (until Sep 1, 2020!)  they have a chance to win a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S in black or Porsche 718 Boxster S in space grey!

    Ready to start?

    Wait a sec!

    You have 10 days left until the contest begins, so we advise you to spend them wisely and read our brief Rules and Conditions of the contest. They are:

    1. All the affiliates of the AdCombo affiliate network are the participants

    2. Traffic should be managed to all the offers of AdCombo, CTR.ru, and Ecombo Junior for all GEOs. 

    3. Porsche points are the contest currency. Points are gained per every 10.000 USD that are made and available for payout within account. One cannot get porsche points for unapproved or rejected leads as well as for the held funds. 

    4. There are special rates for the conversion of funds into porsche points for some types of offers: (funds earned) x (offer rate). 

    5.  The affiliates entered TOP- 50 by the end of the contest are eligible to take part in the prize draw at the party. The presence at the party is obligatory!

    6. Each participant of the prize drawing is able to win 1 additional prize and 1 grand prize (one of the two Porsche sports cars). 

    NB: The AdCombo affiliate network reserves the right to impose restrictions toward incoming traffic or suspend it temporarily due to the technical need of the traffic processing system. Moreover, AdCombo is able to set caps on offers or place a limit on the number of leads. 

    Follow our news and updates and send a ticket request to your personal manager or contact AdCombo Support if you have a question to ask.

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  • Jesmine 03.02.20 at 7:14 pm

    I try my best recent i work in adcombo.all products really nice and best products.

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