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  • We’re Upping the Stakes x2: Your Case Study is Wanted for $600!
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    So, you’ve gained some experience and taken your profit (or knocks, depending on how lucky you were). Now is the time to scale up profit or gain something from a failed campaign – to write a case study!

    We want to give you a chance to talk about your positive or negative experiences. In addition to helping others, this will also benefit your wallet. 

    To get the maximum $600 for a case study, you need to follow the plan we’ve prepared in this post. 

    We’ll start with the basic requirements and structure of the case study.

    Time span of the campaign’s run

    No later than 4 months from the date on which the case study is submitted. You send it in August, thus, early April is the farthest date. 

    Exceptions (earlier period):

    1. campaigns launched more than 4 months ago, but still active when the case study is submitted;

    2. campaigns with the spend of $20k and more. 

    Minimal spend

    No less than $500

    The case study can both provide recommendations on running a campaign and show bad experiences to avoid. 

    Case study’s structure

    We use a scoring system to evaluate cases. Case studies are scored based on whether they follow the structure or not.

    1) Introduction

    basic data of an ad campaign: time span of being active, the name of the offer and its ID, GEO, landing/pre-landing pages, traffic source, spend, profit, and ROI.

    2) Preparation

    • offer choice: the reason for choosing an offer, source, and landing/pre-landing pages;

    • how the offer was tested out;

    • whether landing/pre-landing pages were adjusted, and if so, what exactly was changed, and why the changes were necessary;

    • what tracker was used and how it was set up; 

    • technical aspect: cloaking, domains, etc., what was used, and for what reason. Here you can give practical advice to affiliates.

    Also, in this part, you can mention any other programs that were helpful for your campaign. 

    3) Launch

    • what creatives were initially taken and what were tested afterwards: strategies and hypotheses. Why certain creatives were chosen. Which of them had a better CR, and which of them converted worse;

    • how the target audience was identified and studied;

    • examples of creatives with texts.

    4) Conclusion

    Traffic and TA analysis. Results, conclusions, advice/recommendations, as well as valuable practical lessons learned after finishing the campaign.

    However, writing a case study by sticking to the structure doesn’t mean getting a guaranteed high score. Here, you need to pay attention to the factors that add value to the case study:

    a) Campaign scale. The more the better. The more income the campaign has generated, the higher your chance of getting extra score for the case study;

    b) Practical value for the CPA community. Detailed and step-by-step explanations of methods and practices turn an average read into a useful one and increase the value of the content as a result. No one is interested in obviously old, run-out creative pairs and methods;

    c) Thoroughness of the case study. The description of all the steps taken without hiding the facts is needed. It doesn’t require laying all the cards on the table, but if the case study has gone public, state everything as it is and get a higher score here;

    d) Stylistic tone of the text. No matter how detailed the case study is, if it looks like a page of a guidebook, nobody can resist falling asleep on the keyboard. The main thing is not to flood readers with facts, but to narrate lively. 


    If this is your first time writing a case study, we suggest you read some case studies by your colleagues. We don’t say that they scored highest, but these case studies are quite exemplary, with many creative materials:

    🏆 CS 1 (the winner of the case study contest in LatAm)

    CS 2

    CS 3

    CS 4

    When it’s done, send the case study to your manager, or via private message in one of the AdCombo communities. You can also email us on contact@adcombo.com.

    Keep in mind that $600 is the maximum reward for a case study. To receive this sum, each point in the case study must be fully disclosed with the considered factors from above. If the structure is partially missing or the points aren’t disclosed enough with some factors omitted, you get a smaller sum, but not less than $150

    Now you can start writing a beneficial memoir about your affiliate AdVenture!

    We’ll be waiting for your stories!


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