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  • How I Earned $774 Working Only 10 Minutes with Dating for Romania
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    This detailed and informative case study has been sent to us by one of our affiliates who was successfully running the Dating offer StoryLoves Landers adult – RO. The case provides a reader with all useful info and tips on how to run the offer properly, generate the audience’s interest, and get the best traffic for it. The case can be very helpful for affiliate newbies or those who are planning to run Dating in Romania. The statistics and examples of creatives are attached.

    Let’s get started! 


    Hey, guys! Today I’m up to share my experience of running a dating offer for Romania with you. It started when I heard that a new dating brand had appeared in Romania – StoryLoves, which neither I nor my friends had ever met on the Net before. At that exact minute, I decided to start driving traffic to it as running new brands always means empty databases and curiosity of users toward the unknown brands that offer them something fresh. What’s more, I needed a special offer to promote since I was working with banner ads traffic within TrafficFactory network that requires to do tests running fresh and catchy offers.

    Ad campaign short review:

    • Traffic source: TrafficFactory
    • Affiliate Network: AdCombo 
    • Offer: StoryLoves Landers adult
    • GEO: Romania
    • Payout: $0.8
    • Timespan: 08/04-29/04
    • Expenses: $849
    • Income: $1624
    • Profit: $774
    • ROI: 91% 

    Before I started, I had decided to conduct comprehensive Romanian market research within the Ad Network. This helped me a lot as I learned a competitive bid price that enabled me to have high chances to get to the top ad positions with quality traffic. It doesn’t really matter whether you have an ace in the hole or not, you never can outdo fellas promoting Brazzers or affiliates running Titan Gel in Romania. 

    This screenshot shows my bidding experience with TrafficFactory. I was doing tests with $0.05 CPM which is likely to boost chances to reach the  Top ad position for such GEOs as Romania.

     How I tested out creative pairs

    I had 4 creatives for the initial promotion. I divided them into 2 groups by their type: 2 creatives with milfs and the other 2 with young females; or, let’s say, 2 banners that emphasize a butt and the other 2 that highlight boobs, etc.
    Always check the engagement rate for your campaigns since it can give you valuable hints on what your target audience likes the most out of your creatives.
    The preferences usually vary depending on a GEO and not on ads networks. So, if you get a successful creative pair, there are high chances that it will go down a storm in any other banner ads network. 

    Here are some insights on how to fire up Romanian males for clicking on your banner

    • Romanian girls only. Use photos of the ladies from Romania or ones that seem to be from there. Avoid pics of Asian, mulatto, ebony, or dwarf females; 
    • A convertible creative should be eye-catching. You can follow one of the 2 ways to make it so: to create it fairly gorgeous or fairly hideous. Both ways work. Anyhow, I myself prefer gorgeous ones, and apparently, it’s the reason why I am still not a blind person, huh;
    • Closeups are important. If you are a lucky owner of a GIF with a luscious ass, don’t place it in the corner of the 300×100 banner filling the remaining space with texts (see examples below).

    Following these simple rules, you will be able to maintain a high CTR and, therefore, lower the price for the traffic.

    !ATTENTION! Set a high bid for CPM to reach the Top ad position and get the best traffic.

    It follows then, don’t be afraid of setting a bid higher than average. The higher a bid is, the higher CTR is as well, i.e. cost per click remains the same or reduces. This facilitates a better performance of CR. Thus, the only thing that will be left is ads optimization.

    Banner examples

    Click the links below to see statistics by day (the users’ engagement with a banner).


    The most attention-grabbing  banner: expenses – $598, ROI – 98%.


    This creative had a high CR, but a rather low CTR.


    The creative with good performance, but the first banner (ro_mob_hd_queen) surpassed it by CTR and CR.


    The most attractive and efficient banner #2. Together with the first banner (ro_mob_hd_queen), they were a long-term working pair.
    Their switching saved them from becoming dull for users. Exactly this creative had run out before the first one did. After it had happened, I was afraid that the main banner (ro_mob_hd_queen) would break down after the mentioned creative. Fortunately, my concerns weren’t worth trouble. Expenses – $176, ROI – 126% (vs expenses – $598, ROI – 98% of ro_mob_hd_queen).

    About prelanders

    My advice is to design a plain and simple prelander with an engaging poll or age confirmation popup.

    About landing pages

    Rotate landing pages more often while traffic running. As for me, the best landing page I found for the offer in AdCombo was “milf2”. Every time it started to wear out, I substituted it for landing pages “hearts” or “waves” for some time, and then I gave it place back. Thanks to this scheme, “milf2” was quite effective.

    Take this tip into account for the future: if engagement with your creative material drops, let it sit on the sidelines for a while (in case you don’t have any alternate creative materials, it’s better to pause your ad campaign) and get back in a week to be even more productive.

    Before following the tip above, be sure that you’ve checked your ad position in a network or what traffic sources your audience comes from. Btw, you can apply the scheme to any sort of banners or push ads.

    Going back to my ad campaign

    After 1hr of running the campaign, I understood that I wouldn’t take a leading position in the ad ranking that I needed so much and then I increased the bid price up to $0.055.
    As a result, the first day of the campaign running brought me a 224% ROI with a $10 expense. The stats are provided below.
    The following day’s statistics were a bit worse, as I was displaying banners with the highest ROI but with low CTR. The day ended with 84% ROI, my fault.

    Banner optimization enabled me to almost skyrocket my ROI to 272% the next day! After that success, I left my ad campaign without my supervision for a few days. But I should mention that, nevertheless, I did a few ad position checks in TrafficFactory.

    After those few days had passed, I clearly realized that the offer was perfectly convertible, and my campaign should be scaled. I set the bid price of $0.065 for CPM to drop off a dude from the first ad position.
    After a short time, I increased the price up to $0.07 and got 90% of the quality traffic having left my rivals choking on their own spittle.

    Afterward, I returned to my other ad campaigns letting my dating ad campaign continue running without my control. Going its own automatic way, the campaign had, in general, good performance with an average ROI of 80% with a $40-50 expense.

    My creative pair had been running for 2 weeks at that time. It couldn’t be combined with any new creatives but combined perfectly with fresh prelanders, especially with AdCombo’s ones (milfs and waves). It had been working successfully for a month with my daily 5-10 minute checks. Yeah, I really spent only 5-10 minutes a day on the campaign monitoring (except the initial days).

    Here is a bundle of screenshots that prove my experience:

    General statistics on the campaign from TrafficFactory that cover the whole period;
    General statistics on the campaign from a tracker for the period;

    Stats on banners ;
    Stats on landing pages

    Well, the main rule for my campaign was: check it, improve or correct if needed, and leave it for a week.

    It didn’t require any extra effort at all. 

    Currently, my beloved ad campaign is about to pass away (that’s why I’m telling you all this).

    Anyway, it was a rare and unique campaign in its kind since it required a low ad budget but had a long period of staying active.

    I deem that there are two reasons that lie behind this phenomenon. The one is StoryLoves brand which is quite fresh and doesn’t shave leads. The other is guys from AdCombo that supplied me with landing pages. They also had prelanders, but I didn’t use this option as I had prelanders of my own.

    May a high ROI be with you!


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