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  • Italian Case Study: $1450 Profit with Adult Offer and One Account
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    Hey, everyone!

    2020 was my third year spent with affiliate marketing. I’ve seen a lot and now I feel that I’m ready to share some CPA hacks with you.

    Let’s get started! 🚀


    Campaign Details:

    Offer: Xtrazex – IT

    Source: Facebook

    GEO: Italy

    Income: $2415

    Profit: $1450

    Spend: $965

    ROI: 150 %

    Period: 18.05.2020 – 07.07.2020

    The adult niche has always been and will be one of the most profitable niches for COD offers, you just need to know how to work with it.

    Here is my scheme: I was running traffic from Facebook using farmed fake accounts, to a Google site without cloaking (yes, it’s truly possible). Doing nothing special with landing and pre-landing pages, I used default ones of AdCombo. I usually prefer to use Indigo browser and mobile proxies for promotion, and this campaign was no exception.

    Perché questa offerta? (Choosing an offer)

    Working with Xtrazex offers in other GEOs had brought quite good results, but it wasn’t enough for me. 

    In the context of rising Coronavirus anxiety, constant affiliates complaints against permanent FB bans, terribly low CR, and destructive influence of the pandemic on the whole CPA niche, I decided not to give up and revive the traffic running! 💪 Italy has become a perfect GEO solution for this mission since I’ve already had the positive outcomes of running several offers there.

    Looking for the best creative

    Having wandered in search of a cool creo, I found exactly what I needed.

    My previous experience of working with male enhancement offers has shown that a simpler text is better.

    The variants of slogans were very similar:

    – Il tuo “AMICO” dovrebbe essere 3 volte più spesso e più lungo! – Your “FRIEND” must be 3 times thicker and longer!

    – Il tuo “AMICO” sarà З volte più spesso e più lungo! – Your “FRIEND” will be 3 times thicker and longer! and e.t.c.

    I used AdCombo’s pre-landing and landing pages as they performed well when used on other GEOs:

    Landing page – [48293] Xtrazex – IT – Black df

    Prelander – [48647] Xtrazex_IronDick_IT-df 

    That’s it! It was time to run traffic!

    Zuckerberg is watchin’ ya

    There was no mercy for me, since all my 8 accounts were banned soon after I started running my ads. That wasn’t a big surprise – such a scenario was predicted. Without wasting a minute, I opened a Photoshop to fix the trouble elements of the creative or, in other words, censor it a little.

    Here is the result:

    The second attempt was much more successful. I used 50 accounts to promote the offer with the above-mentioned creative pair. In this case study I’d like to draw your attention to the specific account I utilized.

    But… I was disappointed as the cost of a lead was a bit higher – around $3, however, I still believed in the power of my creo.

    DAY I:

    Not giving up, I continued testing it. The next day the cost of a lead changed from $3 to $1! (FB automation did its work perfectly!)

    DAY II:

    Here is the statistical data of one of the most efficient accounts:

    The time span was more than a month and a half.

    The average CPL was  $2.07.

    This is how the ad looked like:


    I spent $965 in total. My income was $2415, thus, the net profit was $1450.

    Based on my experience, I can state that your performance in the GEO – Italy directly depends on the audience you hit.

    During the campaign’s scaling, the creative pair didn’t always bring the same profit, nevertheless, Italy is a very lucrative GEO, you just need to have the right action plan and a bit of patience.

    Wish you all lotta profit and conversions! 💥

    Practice time

    After such motivating stories there is usually a desire to try some of the advice in practice, isn’t there?

    Here is a list of our top-performing adult offers in Europe that are definitely worth your attention:

    [28586] Rhino Gold Gel – DE, AT$29,540-48%
    [28587] Rhino Gold Gel – ES$2833-37%
    [19770] Xtrazex – RS$1249-52%
    [28589] Rhino Gold Gel – IT$29,533-42%
    [29167] Rhino Gold Gel – RO$2235-46%
    [29165] Rhino Gold Gel – FR$2033-40%
    [28588] Rhino Gold Gel – CY, GR$23,527-32%
    [12749] Xtrazex – DE, AT$2125-31%
    [29275] Rhino Gold Gel – CZ$2433-44%
    [29948] Maral Gel – RS$8,548-56%

    Try it while these pies are still hot and profitable! 🔥


  • Md Shakil Hossein 26.01.21 at 2:27 pm

    I want to work here for you, I have worked elsewhere

  • Md. Amunul Islam 26.01.21 at 2:30 pm

    very good decision

  • imran hossain 26.01.21 at 3:46 pm

    I want to your contact information please send me your mail or FB id

  • Anil Saini 13.02.21 at 3:40 pm

    Hello Please tell me how to create google site adult landing page for facebook ads

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 15.02.21 at 1:55 pm

      Hi there!

      A Google website may not be your only choice. You can also focus on Shopify for example or another source that FB considers trustworthy. Please note that the name and description of the page mustn’t include any references to an Adult product. Moreover, the landing page must be white, so it mustn’t have erotic and suggestive pics, fake comments and reviews as well as a doctor’s recommendation. Don’t forget that a privacy policy and a website user agreement are the must-be parts of your future site.

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