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  • How to prepare your negotiation strategy before requesting a BUMP from the advertiser
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    To request a payment, increase from the advertiser, you must offer something of value in return, it is not just asking for an increase. Remember that this is a business where we all contribute a part to make a profit.

    Although by requesting a bump you are looking to ensure your profits. It is important to consider that the advertiser must also be able to earn money with your traffic (since increasing your payment means that the advertiser will earn less with the sale). And if we talk about increasing daily leads with a higher payment, that implies a greater risk for the advertiser because they will pay more for more clients. 

    For this reason, your traffic must be high quality. 

    In the Bump request you basically explain to the advertiser why it is better for them to pay you more for a greater number of your Leads. The goal is for to win.

    If you are promoting COD offers on AdCombo, you should know that.

    An order is generated when a person knows the product, knows the price,

    You want to buy and register in the offer landing page so that the call center can call you and

    complete the sale. That’s a LEAD.

    Reasons to request a Bump:

    • Increase in traffic.

    • New offer: The advertiser is launching a new offer and needs Leads. As it is a new offer, it is logically not among the best sellers, but the advertiser is willing to pay more for the leads.

    • TOP offer: an offer is at the top of sales and the advertiser wants to increase traffic. You can also request a bump and send more traffic, only the bump will not be very high since they are only increasing the traffic.

    • You can ask your manager to look for offers where the advertiser needs traffic and can give a better payment.

    How many daily leads can you achieve?

    It means how many people who want to buy register for the call per day with your campaigns.

    How much can I ask for a raise?

    We do not know the advertiser’s total costs to put the product on the market, nor is it our business to know. BUT we do know that if the offer pays, for example, $10 in commission, asking for a bump of 9 and bringing the payment to $19 would be somewhat difficult for the advertiser to approve since we would be talking about an increase of almost 100%.

    Practical steps:

    Before requesting the bump for your offer, check your statistics to see how many daily orders you have with this offer (Leads):

    1. Statistics: Select Offer ID,
    2. Time: 30 days,
    3. You divide the total amount of orders by 30 = Your current daily Leads
    4. Traffic quality (% Approval Rate)
    5. If your %AR is, for example, 5%, it is considered low quality traffic because you have many rejected orders (Reject, Trash).
    6. A  %AR floor of at least 25% is acceptable.
    • Daily leads do not mean the number of orders completed in sales.
    • Daily leads mean number of total orders per day. (We hope many end up in sales).


    Let’s say you are promoting an offer.

    You have about 10 leads a day and you want a bump of $2 the offer pays $15 but you want about $17. 

    • You indicate to the advertiser that your traffic is paid (not organic), this means that your traffic is scalable.

    • Then you indicate the name of your traffic source.

    • With Bump you could increase from 10 to 50 leads daily.

    • Then your manager will review the % AR you have with the offer and make the request to the advertiser.

    If the advertiser approves the bump, your commission payment will increase to what was agreed upon and we will wait for you to do your part by increasing your traffic, that is, being able to send the expected leads. The increase is expected to take approx. 1 week.

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