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  • How to Run Ads on Telegram: A Guide to Sponsored Messages
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    Hey there!

    On October 26th, Telegram introduced the new Ad Platform that enables users to promote their channels and bots

    In this article, we will overview the Telegram Platform and focus on creating an ad step by step and field by field. 

    What do we have for today?

    Currently, the channels can be promoted via other channels whose topic somehow matches the one of the promoted channel. For this, a user that has a channel, should buy a placement (ad message) on a certain channel(-s) or offer cross-promotion to other channel owners.

    The Telegram team claims that the platform doesn’t collect and analyze data of users. There are no targeting settings for displaying advertisements to particular Telegram users. 

    What’s more, the Platform doesn’t track user clicks on the button of the message as well as their activity. 

    Creating an Ad a.k.a Sponsored Message

    1️⃣ Log in with the phone number assigned to your Telegram account;

    2️⃣ Utilize a Personal Account or create an Organization.

    Creating an Organization means linking a Telegram Group or Channel and giving all admins permission to manage the ad units created by the Organization.

    3️⃣ Build an advertisement like we did in the video:

    📢 URL typed is where a user arrives after clicking on the button;

    📢 Initial budget is the amount designated for a certain sponsored message. It will be shown until it reached the budget sum;

    📢 To make your advertisement appear (or not) on specific channels, select preferred languages and/or group topics (the right block). The language and topic fields are complementary. For instance, we selected the channels in English related to Business and Marketing.

    📢 The targeting parameters of a message can’t be changed after its creating. All other fields can be altered (the budget sum can be increased only). To modify the message, create a new similar ad with the previous parameters that can be changed then. 

    4️⃣ Submit the ad and wait for its approval.

    Later, in the Statistics tab, a user will be able to see the number of views of the sponsored message and how many users join the channel or start the bot after reading the message. 

    Telegram Ads is highly likely to be unavailable almost for all users, as the minimum payment required is €2 000 000.

    Anyhow, true affiliates should stay on top of the latest digital news, and now you are there 😉

    Let’s see how our Top affs took the news:

    As the closing, here is our little hint on how to get the minimal budget for the Telegram Ad Platform:

    ⚡ Run traffic 

    ⚡ Generate leads

    ⚡ Save payouts for the future Ad Budget

    ⚡ Win Tesla at TeslaFest as a pleasing bonus!

    Wish you a sweet CR!


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