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    Dear publishers,

    Let us introduce our periodical article on Internet usage. Today we will be covering a wonderful country – Greece. There is a load of offers for Greece in our system. For example, EcoSlim, Chocolate Slim, Detoxic, Titan gel, Black Mask, Goji Cream, Varikosette. These offers are well-known for their quality and good approval and conversion rates. That’s why we have prepared for you an article describing the general information on Internet use there in order to help you in running your campaigns. Good luck!

    General Information

    •         The total population of Greece is nearly 11 million people
    •         Official language is Greek (99%)
    •         Other languages: English and French (1%)
    •         Ethnic groups: Greek 93%, other (foreign citizens) 7%

    Internet Usage

    The number of Internet users in Greece is approximately 7 million.

    Internet speed:

    •         Average Latency: 158 ms
    •         Average Download: 8.73 Mbps
    •         Average Upload: 1.68 Mbps

    Top websites in Greece:

    For your convenience and for visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:

    Social Media Usage

    Active social media users – 5.30 million (+10% since last year) – 49% of the population

    Active mobile social users – 4.40 million (+16% since last year) – 40% of the population

    Facebook stats:

    The number of active Facebook users is 5.30 million.

    •         Female profiles – 47%
    •         Male profiles – 53%

    Twitter stats





    Mobile Operators

    1.    Cosmote
    2.    Vodafone (Formerly Panafon)
    3.    Wind (Formerly Telestet, TIM)
    4.    CYTA


    Mobile subscriptions 18.41 million (+5% since last year)

    Hope that this information will help you, guys!

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