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    Dear publishers,

    We are continuing to make overviews of the Internet usage in the Baltic States. Today’s country under review is Lithuania.

    General overview

    • Population of Lithuania is 2,854,235 (2016*)
    • Ethnic groups: Lithuanian 84.1%, Polish 6.6%, Russian 5.8%, Belarusian 1.2%, other 1.1%, unspecified 1.2%
    • Official language is Lithuanian 82%
    • Other languages are Russian 8%, Polish 5.6%, other 0.9%, unspecified 3.5%


    Internet usage

    2,199,938 – Internet Users in Lithuania (2016*)

    • Average Latency: 104 ms
    • Average Download Speed: 29.17 Mbps
    • Average Upload Speed: 30.08 Mbps

    Fact: Lithuanian Internet is one of the fastest in the world. Public WI-FI is everywhere so Lithuanian people can access the Internet of a good quality wherever they go.

    How often do people in Lithuania access the Internet? The following statistic shows daily Internet usage rate sorted by age group.


    Most people in Lithuania surf the Internet to read news. Here is a share of individuals who used the Internet for reading or downloading news, newspapers and magazines in Lithuania between 2004 and 2016.


    Top 10 websites in Lithuania:


    As for the web browsers market share, Chrome ranks first as most frequently used one.


    Operating system market share:

    1. Windows (75% of the market)
    2. Android
    3. OS X
    4. Linux

    Search engine market share:

    1. Google (98% of the market)
    2. Bing
    3. Yandex.ru
    4. Mail.ru

    Lithuanians tend to make purchases online. Let us see what type of goods or services they choose to buy:

    The Usage of Social Media in Lithuania

    Lithuania is considered to be one of the leading countries in the EU in information communication technologies. Social networks are very popular there, and the top ones are Facebook and YouTube. There are also two local networks: One.lt and Draugas.lt, though the number of their users is decreasing. More than 1 million people have Facebook accounts. Facebook penetration is around 70% of all Internet users in Lithuania. More than 40% use it every day.


    Twitter is not so popular in Lithuania – approximately 1000 of Lithuanians use it.

    Why do people in Lithuania use social media?

    Via social networks Lithuanian people communicate and share YouTube videos, pictures and photos. Women surf the Internet for clothes, holiday offerings and café/restaurants.

    Facebook is also a platform used for business purposes (to build long term relations with customers).

    People in Lithuania use LinkedIn to share their CVs and establish new professional connections. But still, it is not that popular.

    Top mobile operators in Lithuania:

    1. Omnitel
    2. BITĖ
    3. Tele2

    That’s it for now. Hope that this information will help you in running your campaign for this GEO.

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