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    As you may notice, there are a lot of offers for Spain in AdCombo. They are rather popular to promote. Since the demand for them is really great, we would like to share with you very useful information related to the Internet usage in Spain. This article may be helpful especially for those of you who do not have much experience working with Spanish offers.


    • The total population of Spain is 48,563,476
    • The number of Internet users in Spain is 37,865,104
    • Spain Demographics Profile:



    Spanish is the official language in Spain. Also, there are some other languages spoken in different regions of Spain (they coexist with the official one):

    • Catalan in Catalonia (4,000,000 speakers)
    • Galician in Galicia (3,000,000 speakers)
    • Euskera/Basque in the Basque Country (600,000 speakers)
    • Valencian in the Valencia Region
    • A particular variety of Catalan spoken on the Balearic Islands


    As for the Internet speed in Spain, the average latency is 122 ms, the average download is 38.93 Mbps, the average upload is 13.39 Mbps, and the total speed test is 543.

    The following table shows the daily Internet usage rate of online users in Spain in 2016, sorted by age group. According to this table, we can make a conclusion that people in Spain are active Internet users what can be very profitable for people working in Internet marketing. 96% of Internet users between 25 and 34 are accessing the Internet every day.



    The most used web browser in Spain is Chrome. Safari is only at the 3rd place:


    Top websites in Spain:


    Market share held by smartphone operating systems in Spain (*July 2016):



    Social media is a part and parcel of our everyday life in a modern world. And Spain is not an exception.

    The most popular social media in Spain is Facebook, but there is also a local platform in Spain which is also very popular among the population and it is called Tuenti.



    As for the amount of people who have personal accounts on YouTube, there are 8,000,000 of them. 87% of the Internet users in Spain are active content sharers.

    Young adults in Spain use the following media to communicate:


    Many people in Spain use social media to follow their favorite brands. Those who are interested in fashion use mostly Instagram and Facebook for this purpose. Category “Travel” is the most popular among people aged 31 and older. Facebook is also used for following leisure and culture brands (18 – 30).

    All the other categories of brands followed with the help of different social media you may find in the table:


    You may also be interested in what Internet and Mobile providers are the most common in Spain. Here is the statistics:


    Top 4 main mobile providers in Spain with their own network:

    • Movistar (dominant operator with 65% of market)
    • Vodafone
    • Orange
    • Yoigo



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