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    General overview

    •         The total population of Poland is 38,563,573 (2017*)
    •         The official language is Polish 98.2%
    •         Other languages: Silesian 1.4%, other 1.1%, unspecified 1.3%
    •         Ethnic groups are: Polish 96.9%, Silesian 1.1%, German 0.2%, Ukrainian 0.1%, other and unspecified 1.7%


    Internet usage

    The number of Internet users in Poland is approximately 28 million (72% of the population).  

    Internet speed in Poland

    Average Latency : 125 ms

    Average Download : 35.29 Mbps

    Average Upload : 14.06 Mbps




    People in Poland spend a lot of time on the Internet. Have a look:

    5h 43m – average daily use of the Internet – pc or tablet

    1h 33m – average daily use of the Internet – mobile phone

    1h 45m – average daily use of social media – any device

    Top websites in Poland



    For your convenience and for visual clarity we have created multicolored diagrams showing various stats:








    Social Media usage

    15 million is the number of active social media users in Poland (+7% since last year), among which there is 12 million active mobile social media users (+20% since last year).



    Facebook is the most widely used social media in Poland. Here is its statistics in a more detail:

    The total number of monthly active Facebook users – 15 million. 73% of users use Facebook on a daily basis.

    •         Female users – 52%
    •         Male users – 48%

    80% of users access Facebook via mobile.



    Twitter statistics:




    People there are rather active online shoppers, e.g. 50% of the population make purchases online during month time. 23% of people use mobile devices to make a purchase on the Internet. 64% of people searches for a product or service to buy.

    Mobile usage

    The total number of mobile subscribers is 54.54 million (-7% since last year).

    The number of active mobile Internet users is nearly 24 million. The percentage of mobile Internet users is 62% (of the total population).

    Mobile messengers are used by 39% of the population. 67% of people watch videos on mobile. 42% plays video games. Mobile banking is used by 37% of people. Maps are used by 38%.

    Mobile operators in Poland

    1 Orange

    2 Play

    3 Plus (Formerly Plus GSM)

    4 T-Mobile (Formerly Era)



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