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  • Making money in MENA is easier than you think!
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    Many affiliates believe that the MENA region is for pros only. This case study is yet another proof that the Middle East is not much different from other regions and definitely not more difficult. We’ll talk about promoting Keto Guru in Kuwait. 

    Now, let’s give a word to the affiliate who has sent us this case study and got paid an additional $200. Yes, we are still buying your Case Studies on AdCombo offers! You can earn $150 or more, depending on the quality of your Case Study.

    Campaign details

    Period: 19/04/2021 – 29/04/2021

    Offer: Keto Guru

    GEO: Kuwait

    Traffic source: Speakol

    Revenue: $1374

    Spend: $806.41

    Profit: $568

    ROI: 71%

    I decided to run Keto Guru mainly because I had already worked with diet offers at that time. Also, many Kuwaitians suffer from obesity. Plus, my affiliate manager Amine said that Keto Guru had had a really nice approval rate for the last couple of weeks. 

    I’ve been using  Speakol, a native ads network in MENA, as my primary traffic source. It has a stable Arab traffic flow.  

    Before launching the campaign, I asked my friend to create a prelanding page for the product. And I also asked an Arabic copywriter, who has experience in marketing, to edit the content of the prelanding page. By the way, you don’t have to do it. From what I know, AdCombo has prelanding pages prepared for each offer and their in-house translation agency will help you with localization. I just wanted my creative materials to be 100% custom. 

    The first few days were quiet, the results emerged on the second day. At that time Amine gave me a payout bump from $20 to $22.

    Here are two banners which were the most successful :

    Translation: New / only for Arabic Men* / get rid of the extra weight in 3 days 

    *According to my research, men in Kuwait suffer from obesity more than women. This is why I’ve been targeting men in the first place.

    Translation: No more fat

    And the banner below was one of my least successful ones 

    I believe, it happened due to the lack of information: it was not clear what product was being promoted. It appeared that the product’s name was not enough for the customers’ recognition. 

    This is the combo that brought me the best results:

    Prelanding page :  

    [Custom ]https://mikados.top/KuwaitHealth/weightLoss/keto/

    Landing page:

    [ID: 78590]https://mikados.top/KuwaitHealth/weightLoss/ketoguru/

    Statistics from AdCombo and Speakol:

    I want to say thank AdCombo for the stable approval rate, and thank my manager ِAmine for his help! I appreciated it a lot!

    What do you think about this Case Study? Please let us know in the comments below. Also you can check the prelanding pages which are available for this offer, here are a few links 

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    Plus you can try your luck in other Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are just a few of them. Contact your AdCombo affiliate manager for more info 😉


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