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  • Run Ads Slowly, Earn Fast: $2600 Net Profit on Nutra and Native Advertising
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    Native ads is a great source of traffic for those who want to try a new source or are simply tired of FB’s vagaries. Working with native ads is a little different from working with other sources, and it may take longer to drive traffic to an offer, but all efforts will definitely pay off. 

    Our partner shared his results of several native-ad-powered campaigns launched in the GEOs of two regions. He got $858 in profit with anti-aging creams in LATAM and $1,740 –  with “joint” offers in Africa.

    The results aren’t fast yet stable. The campaigns didn’t require much participation, so they were running on their own most of the time, with occasional changes made for their optimization.

    We’re sharing the details and tips in this article!

    I learned how to run Nutra offers thanks to spy tools: there you can “peep” both pictures and texts. So if you are a beginner – feel free to use the spy tools, you can learn a lot there!

    My tracker, the cloud-based Bemob, is a pretty good choice for reasonable money. 

    Case Study 1. Smoothing out the wrinkles of Latin Americans

    Period: 21.02.2022 – 10.05.2022

    Source: Revcontent (native ads)

    Revenue: $1 823

    Spend: $965

    Profit: $858

    ROI: 89%

    GEOs: MX / AR / CL / PE / GT / CR / BO / PA / CO


    [26814] ZENZA cream – AR

    [23033] Inno Gialuron – BO

    [32401] Rechiol – GT

    [30428] Rechiol – CL

    [29954] Rechiol – PE 

    [28527] Rechiol – MX 

    [32374] Inno Gialuron – CR

    [32683] Inno Gialuron – PA

    I’ve run anti-wrinkle offers for over a year, but since I use Bemob, I only have statistics for the last six months. Therefore, I will talk only about the results for the period and provide screenshots that I’ve managed to make.

    About the vertical and TA

    The niche of rejuvenation products is quite specific, but I wouldn’t say it’s hard to fill them. The audience is mostly women 30+. You can look up a couple of creatives in spy tools and you turn into a pro. That’s how I learned to run Nutra.

    Campaign statistics

    The most profitable GEO is Mexico. Colombia was the most inefficient out of all the GEOs.

    Stats from AdCombo:

    The revenue here is higher since this statistic includes traffic from all sources, not only from native advertising, as in the tracker.



    I used one landing page with an order form for all GEOs of the AdCombo offers in LATAM:
    [28527] Rechiol – MX  – 83254 Rechiol – Momgfriend (cert, spin) – MX

    I’ve noticed that if there’s no order form at the bottom of a landing page, the budget is likely to be wasted.

    Some creatives I got through a spy tool, and some I found on Google, but I searched similar to what I got through the tool. 

    Below is a screenshot of my creatives for Mexico (spend and clicks didn’t show up for an unknown reason). I used the same creatives for the rest of GEOs .

    Text: Mujer De 50 Años Con Cara De Niña. Prueba Esto Antes De Acostarte. – 50 Year Woman With Girlish Face. Try This Before Sleeping.

    The most profitable creative:

    There was not so much traffic from other creatives: their CTR was lower. However, there were conversions.

    Campaign settings

    Devices: desktop, smartphone, tablet

    Language: Spanish

    Period of driving traffic: 24/7, no weekend stops.

    I only put one site on the blacklist, and then turned it off. A tracker would be great for monitoring: it would be easier to keep up with sources and creatives.

    Sum up & bonus

    Generally, I can say that I was relaxed while the campaigns were running: I only refilled my balance and changed the CPC rate to optimize the cost and attract more traffic. 

    By the way, my creative pairs can be used in another source. 

    As a bonus, I’ll tell you that I successfully ran the same offer, only for Africa, Ghana (GH), with the same creatives, through Voluum DSP from Opera.

    Yes, yes, exactly from the browser, without cloaking, bans, etc. Refill your account balance and start driving traffic, the main thing – is to find the right creative pair! To find it, one needs to constantly test different offers and sources.

    Case Study 2: strengthening the joints of the African population

    Period: 01.02.2022 – 31.08.2022

    Source: Revcontent (native ads)
    Revenue: $ 3 896

    Spend: $ 2 156

    Profit: $ 1 740

    ROI: 81%

    GEOs: NG / GH

    [28537] Arthrazex – NG

    [28089] Flekosteel – GH

    I also have been run these offers for more than a year. In Bemob, it’s possible to show the data only for 6 months. That’s why I’ll be talking about running campaigns within this period.

    Statistics on the campaign in Nigeria

    A screenshot with the stats by month:

    Screenshot of spends from the source:

    Stats from AdCombo:

    The revenue here is higher since this statistic includes traffic from all sources, not only from native advertising, as shown in the tracker.

    Landing page

    I used AdCombo landing for the offers: I didn’t make a change to it, and I didn’t even read what it said, I just picked it and started running traffic to it. And it worked quite nice! I didn’t test other landing pages. 

    Landing page for Nigeria:

    [28537] Arthrazex – NG[79779] Arthrazex – Alfred – NG

    The same landing page was used for Ghana as well. It wasn’t much different from the previous one, AdCombo just modified it a little bit, thanks to them.

    A high CR depends on the presence of an order form on the landing page for native ads, remember? On this page, you’ll find it 🙂

    Ghana Campaign Statistics



    I was running the offer exactly in Ghana (Nigeria didn’t perform well) with the same landing page and creatives via Voluum DSP through the Opera browser without cloaking and bans. The key thing is to find the right creative pair!


    Some of the creatives I found through the spy tool, and some were found on Google based on analogy. Everything is the same as for LATAM. 

    Here is the screenshot of the creatives for Nigeria (for some reason, the spend is not displayed correctly). For Ghana, I used exactly the same creatives.

    Text: If You Have Joint Pain, Read It Before It Gets Deleted!

    The first creative is the most profitable:

    And here are the inefficient creatives:

    Campaign settings

    Devices: desktop, smartphone, tablet

    Language: English

    There was only one site in Nigeria that I put on the blacklist:

    Sum up

    The creative pair can be used to launch the campaign in another source. 

    As with the running rejuvenating offers in LATAM, I felt relaxed during the entire process, refilling account balance at times and changing the CPC rate.

    Native advertising remains a somewhat undiscovered territory of traffic, but it’s likely to become your mine of profits!

    And we’re still waiting for your affiliate experience packaged in a case study, and for which we’ll generously pay up to $600!


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