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  • Landing Page Widgets – the effective way to boost your CR
    Reading Time: 3 minutes

    Recently, AdCombo has started using a new feature on landing pages – widgets. Today we are going to tell you what it’s made for and how to use it correctly.

    The main thing you should know about widgets is that it can not only increase conversion but also reduce it to zero if you use it wrong.

    That’s why we’ve decided to tell you more about this new function.
    Here are some widgets that we use:

    Going in order, the first one is a flag banner.

    Flag (or label) banner is one of the standard widgets used to display a text or image on the screen. Labels can only display text in a single font, but the text may span more than one line. It’s generally used for more motivating information. For example, fast delivery.

    Order imitation.

    It’s a widget which simulates a continuous flow of orders on a site. With its help, the number of orders grows because this widget gives the appearance of product’s huge popularity.

    «On site» counter

    Basically, this widget carries the same functions as the previous one – it makes a site looks more popular. It helps because people tend to trust popular products so it can bring you money as well.

    Freeze price

    This kind of widget is a very good motivator. It makes a visitor do a conversion action faster. For example: «5 discount items left! Hurry and place your order!»

    Callback pop-over

    Pop-over widget is the most effective and useful one because it attracts the whole attention of visitors. Using pop-ups is a very productive way to make conversion grow.

    Correct use of widgets can increase conversion rate several times. For example, a user is going to close a page, but suddenly a pop-up window appears and it doesn’t allow him to leave this page on the first time. This method could hold about 30% of users on a website.

    And if a user chose to left, then, maybe, you should attract potential buyers with some interesting action. People always like good actions and a usual widget but with a really interesting offer to participate in, can double your conversion.

    But! If you add too many widgets at once, visitors will be annoyed with so much information. As we said before, this feature can improve your conversion rate but you can also lose ALL conversion if you do this wrong. All you need to make your conversion rate grow is a small widget with good motivation and also a pop-up window which not only keeps a visitor on your website but also collects visitor’s contacts for you.

    That’s it, wish you all profitable offers and huge conversion!


  • Dat Vu 14.08.17 at 5:42 pm

    Hello. I run my campaign in many language, but these widget are only available on english.
    How can i choose language.

  • John 15.08.17 at 12:21 am

    Widget is good but this widget not working on mobiles devices and todays world 80% traffic is from mobile so if this widget not working on mobiles devices then its useless. don’t make widget that dont work on mobiles devices, its useless

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