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  • How to win a Porsche?
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    The first month of the POSH’N’PORSCHE race is about to come to end. Some of you have already made impressive results, whilst the others are still in doubt. 

    We asked our managers to answer the most topical question right now and provide their answers with advice, life hacks or real stories of success from the previous  Ferrari AdChallenge

    Ella Mak, Head of Affiliate Management Department

    I advise everyone not to focus on the main prizes, but on reaching the TOP-50 instead. Talking honestly, almost all the top affiliates work in teams, and this allows them to reach the necessary rank position easily and then participate in the prize draw. Contests are very motivating, they encourage you to jump over your head and go to the next level. It is a whole motivational challenge, not an abstract wheel of fortune with expensive prizes. 

    I would advise beginners to draw up a clear plan and write down everything that they need to do step by step every day in order to increase momentum. According to my observations, I’ll say that in each of our competitions, those who did not try to run traffic, they start; whoever tried it, they begin to scale; whoever are on the team, they develop new strategies.

    Anna, Sr. Affiliate Manager

    In the Ferrari AdChallenge, my affiliates entered the game two months before the end. They reached the top ranking in two months, collected the biggest amount of chips and won the Ferrari. Of course, that time they threw all their strength and time into it, working day and night. The main advice here is to run traffic. You can get to the top with a small (medium), but stable traffic volume. I strongly recommend all of you to communicate with your managers and listen to their recommendations.

    Alex Grus, Sr. Business Developer

    Talking about POSH’N’PORSCHE contest, we have a serious distinguishing feature from the Ferrari AdChallenge here, because in the POSH’N’PORSCHE contest participate not only COD offers, but plenty of others as well. This means that those teams working, for instance, with dating offers also have an opportunity to win without changing the specifics of their activity type. 

    It is interesting that advertisers are more concentrated than ever during the competition. They try to squeeze the maximum out of each lead in order to maintain the approval rate and ROI on top. My department will make sure that everyone has enough offers for each geo / vertical. I wish everyone good luck!

    Kate, Sr. Affiliate Manager

    Usually affiliates come to me and say confidently: “I want to participate in the competition!”. My main aim as a manager is to ask what capabilities and skills an affiliate has. Then, based on the information provided, I pick up and recommend suitable offers. 

    By the way, in the last competition, the team that registered in AdCombo a couple of months before the end won the main prize. Right now, I’ve got a top affiliate who created a team specially for the current competition in order to increase volumes. Nothing is impossible! Those who really want to win work days and nights. 

    P.S.: we will have a cool party abroad!

    Una, Sr. Affiliate Manager

    When the Ferrari contest started, we had a publisher who had only five (5!) leads in total with AdCombo. When he found out about a chance to get a Ferrari, it was almost the end of the contest. But he chose a few offers with good approval rates and good payouts in Spain, Italy and Germany. 

    After only 2 months of running offers with Google Ads, he got to TOP-30 and was extremely happy to go to the final party. I highly recommend everyone to ask your manager to get you a list of offers that are suitable for you and which have good approval rates and high payouts. 

    Evgeniia, Sr. Affiliate Manager

    I always tell everyone that such a large-scale competition is a great opportunity to take part and win, since everyone always has a chance! My main advice: you can’t give up even when you think that top teams are fighting for victory, while you are soloing or your team is not skilled enough. Repeat the following mantra every day: “I see the goal, I see no obstacles”. Go for it!

    Maria, LATAM Executive Manager

    First of all, one should always remember that it’s a race. Any affiliate shouldn’t have a goal to earn a certain amount of leads or money. In the contest, participate only those affiliates and teams that have equal possibilities including financial ones. I’m frequently asked to say how much money earn those who are in the TOP-50 right now, in order others could beat them out. I am not entitled to disclose the numbers, but they vary from top to top. No need to strive for any specific indicators, but there is a need to overtake others. The competition has just begun and will last until September, 2020, and this time is more than enough to achieve high results. To do this, you need to work, work and work as hard as possible.

    AdCombo Team wishes everyone good luck!

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