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    While Facebook Ads is insane about Ad Accounts and blocks everything it can block, lots of affiliates turned to native ads, as it is still popular to run COD-offers. Native ads have always been one of the most effective ways to promote the so-called WOW-products.

    In comparison to Facebook’s insanity, the networks of native advertising seem to be more stable and predictable. One does not need to provide thousands of unnatural actions like account farming, obtaining dozens of credit cards, cell phones in order to start running ads. Facebook ads are horrible.

    Before every affiliate started running campaigns via Facebook, native ads were very popular. I believe, everybody knows how it works in native. Information is the secret weapon of native ads. Data is the key! In all cases, a successful campaign consists on: ads + offer + audience. The one, who owns the data about his competitors’ profitable ads, will always be successful.

    One of the most important kinds of the tool here is a spy tool. There are plenty of solutions on the market (of course you can find even free options) and networks may use the same resource differently at various times. The essence of any Spy Service is a number of bots that collect the data about active campaigns and then organizes it into a spy database. Access to such a database is often the interface of a spy tool itself. So, the difference between the various Spy Services depends on the number of these bots and the way they collect data.

    Unfortunately, not every service can provide useful information from native ad networks. Some of them use out-of-date information (you can hardly make money with the old offer in CPA), other ones have just a lack of information (and provide false data).

    Among the many Spy Services we would like to recommend you AdPlexity. This is the main service for anyone who runs native traffic. Why? It has all the functions of all the others services combined. Moreover, there is a tracking of creative materials in all top networks with COD-offers. Information is taken from:

    • RevContent
    • MGID
    • Content.Ad
    • Yahoo Gemini
    • Taboola
    • Outbrain
    • AdNow


    And the best part is, all the ads pieces are collected in multiple languages. COD model is very popular in Asia these days. And AdPlexity does really great there. You can combine Vietnam, Thailand and even the Philippines (which is extra cool for COD).

    Another bonus is an opportunity to track not only ads but the whole campaign. The service empowers affiliates to learn more about all the elements: a sequence of redirects, all landing pages that use that creative material and vice versa, all creative materials for this particular lander. Well, there you got everything you need to start your own campaigns.

    The service has so many settings and filters, that you can analyze your rivals campaigns down to every exact click. So if you are already sick of Facebook Ads with its bans (definitely you are) – switch to AdPlexity and go conquer Outbrain and Taboola (bans there happen more and more though).

    Price is the only bad thing about AdPlexity. But here, too, we provide a solution. Our affiliates receive a pretty good discount! If they follow this link the price will be:

    • mobile $149 instead of $199 (25% saved)
    • native $169 instead of $249 (32% saved)
    • desktop $149 instead of $199 (25% saved)


    We, with AdPlexity, will give away 2 free month subscriptions among those ones who have purchased any of the subscriptions above. Winners will be announced at the end of the next month.

    We’re not arguing that you may find some more discounts and bonuses. But we are pretty sure that our offer is the best one 😉

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