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    Hey, guys!

    Our world is quite a fantastic place with lots of bright things to admire. What a pleasure to see clearly all the beautiful places and moments around noticing every detail, right? Human eyes are sensitive, and, at present, they are vulnerable to the digital strain caused by prolonged computer, tablet, and cell phone use at a very close distance. Now, it’s high time to think of eye health especially after spending so much time in front of a computer screen while the lockdown period. 

    We’ve come to the aid!

    Are you ready to help people have a fresh look at ordinary things and get much out of everything surrounding them? Then grab our new offer and get your profit!

    Name: OK Look

    Vertical: Health products 

    Type of the product: capsules for eyesight improvement 

    GEO: PL, BG, RO, SK, HU, CZ, PT, ES, IT, DE, AT, CY, GR. 

    Payouts: $20-27

    Who will be eager to order OK Look

    Males and females aged 18 to 65. Pay special attention to retirees since their vision is susceptible to age-related physiological changes. Don’t reach children and pregnant women.

    You may wonder what creative materials are the best for the promotion of the product. Well, we’re ready to satisfy your curiosity. Take your notebook and pencil and get started.

    Prelanders may look like:

    Also, you may add some pics that reflect the stages of sight loss

    Landing pages:

    • design: pink + white colors with some images of blueberries or a blueberry background;
    • place some info on what products can be replaced by taking the supplement or what particular vitamins it contains;
    • stress problems the product can solve;
    • add some snaps that reflect a month period of vision improvement;
    • include a story of an office worker that has successfully got rid of digital eye strain within a month.

    Example 1
    Example 2 

    You are free to point out some facts about sight loss.

    These recommendations may be helpful in case you’re going to design your own creative materials apart from using ones available for the offer. 

    Will this offer create a stir? 

    Top the widespread digital eye strain and eye age-related problems off with the statistics. European Coalition for Vision states that more than 70 million people “have eye diseases that are in the early stages”. Two-thirds of the eye diseases can be treated/prevented initially. This supplement may become a good support in fighting with them.

    Wanna start right now?
    OK, Look


  • MD Yusuf Ali 27.10.20 at 9:22 pm

    I am fresher ,but recently i completed my affiliate course.i am very interested to do work with you.

    i have a lot of European and American traffic.i want to work with health product.

    I have the source of traffic Of social media ,google add and email also.so i can expect, i will be able to sell your product very well , please approve my account.

    • Victoria AdCombo (PR) 28.10.20 at 2:57 pm

      Wish you many great achievements in your affiliate way! Btw, we’ll be glad if you join us here (Sign up as PUBLISHER).
      See ya! (:wink-1:)

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