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    We have been friends with PropellerAds for several years now and we had several cross-promos with them. But this one, the one we have prepared for you is great and extraordinary. Every single affiliate marketer wants to have some extra money on his advertising account to be able to perform more tests. We understand this issue, that’s why we are launching this promo.

    Starting from 1st of August we will be buying YOUR case studies. Nothing new here.

    🔥Cool part 🔥

    – There will be 50 promo codes generated by PropellerAds with a $250 bonus on a $500 deposit for those of you who want to make a case study. Each promo code can be used only once and only with one account.

    – If after a review case study is accepted, PropellerAds will add the amount which equals the case study net profit to the balance of the advertising account in PropellerAds system. 

    For example, we accepted a case study where $1000 were spent and $1500 were earned, with a total net profit of $500. This means that an additional $500 were added to your PropellerAds advertising balance. 

    Boring, but important part (AKA promo conditions): 

    Q: What are the requirements for the case studies?
    A:  There are 5 main requirements: 

    1. Case studies which were started before the 1st of August are not accepted;
    2. Each case study should be about one of the AdCombo’s offers/products;
    3. PropellerAds should be your only traffic source;
    4. All the case studies should be detailed and explain the author’s decisions. All the necessary screenshots should be provided; 
    5. Each case study will be reviewed by the independent committee which contains members of AdCombo and PropellerAds. 

    Q: What if I didn’t make money with my case study? 
    A: Not profitable case studies can be also submitted. But only if it has a detailed description explaining why it didn’t work out, what needs to be optimized, etc. After it is reviewed, such case studies can also be accepted, giving the author a bonus on the next deposit.

    Q: Can I publish my case study in my private group?
    A: You are more than welcomed to publish the case study you made with us on your blog, but don’t forget to mention us (PropellerAds + AdCombo promo). On our part, we also reserve the full right to publish the case study on our channels.

    Q: What’s the last date to apply?
    A: There is no exact deadline.

    Q: Can I take part in your promo?
    A: Only affiliates with a positive record are allowed to take part in this promo.  

    If you are also excited about this promo, then give a note to your AM for him to reserve one of those 50 promo codes for you. 

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