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    New week – new AdCombo Super Heroes! Today we will introduce you to three of them at once.

    Meet Alex. He is an outstanding Business Developer of AdCombo who gets in contact with our advertisers very well.

    Alex likes communicating a lot, he is a person everyone knows, loves and always has something to discuss with. Among other things, in large part our advertisers get so much traffic daily exactly because of all the collaborations he has already made. He is like a magnet for traffic – a real Traffic Man!


    Meet Alice. She is the head of the Business Development Department and she rules all the business processes connected with advertisers.

    Alice knows about advertising market a lot! There is no other person who knows what advertisers need and want as well as she does. That is why after working in this area for a long time Alice turned into an ad hero – AdWoman!


    Meet Roman. He is the Chief Technology Officer who knows everything about the latest technologies.

    Roman is a real hero – he can not only fix every bug we face with, his hobby is turning bugs into very important features! Everything you can do in AdCombo is possible thanks to Mr. Web and his team. No problems, solutions only!


    What is your CPA hero?
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