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    Are you ready to meet more AdCombo Super Team members? Well, here they are!

    Meet Alex. He is the head of our Mobile Department. AdCombo aims at being your best partner in CPA in all the important areas, including mobile.

    Of course, everyone who works in Affiliate Marketing should know at least something about targeting. But not Alex, he knows about it a lot! He has a real eagle-eye when it comes to targeting. That’s him, our outstanding hero – AdSniper!


    Meet Anna. She is not just an Affiliate Manager, she works in AdCombo since our company’s foundation.

    Anna knows everything what is going on not only in our company in particular but also in Affiliate Marketing in general. And what is one of the most important criteria for every affiliate? Exactly, ROI. That is why we call her Dr. ROI – a very important member of our team.


    Meet George. He also is an Affiliate manager who has a wide area of thought.

    George guides his affiliates very carefully and usually provide them with useful advice. He also loves everything to be well organized and made in the best possible way, so he always tries to optimize everything he can. So what is about optimizing in our area? Yeap, SEO! So here he is – our SEOman.


    What is your CPA hero?
    Meet us at Affiliate World Asia 2016, share your story 😉

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