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    As you may remember, we made a big review at Malaysian digital market. There we discussed the most popular types and sources of traffic, the mentality of Malaysians and profitable creative materials. And since we now have a great surprise for you (read to the end), let’s remember some key points in the Malaysian affiliate market.

    1. Almost no white-hat advertising. Moreover, if there is any, it doesn’t work at all. What does that mean? Get your doorways out and improve your cloaking skills – the time has come!
    1. The majority of Malaysian internet users spends more than 5 hours per day on social networks. Mostly (80%) they use Facebook, the rest split between Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  Lifehack: duplicate your ads in English and Malay languages so that links from them lead to different landing pages.
    1. Don’t forget about Skype – the main messenger in Malaysia. Different formats of ads (banners, teaser and video ads) with the possibility of targeting by socio-demographic characteristics, a frequency of the service use, geolocation and even days of the week and time of the day!
    1. Now let’s talk about the audience. The devil is in the details. For example, many publishers use creative materials with use creative materials with pictures of girls in hijabs, considering that Malaysia is mainly a Muslim country. But young people there are modern and don’t obey the rules of wearing a hijab. So you need to draw your attention to details, otherwise, your ads will push customers away.

    Following this advice, even a newbie can make really profitable campaigns on Malaysian offers. Oh, speaking of. We are glad to present to you a list of the most popular MY offers in AdCombo:

    Each of these has a wide range of landers and pre-landers, as well as the amazing approval rates. Read this article, make inferences, choose the right offers, run traffic and do profit.

    But wait, we’ve got another surprise for you.

    We’ve interviewed some of our call-centers in Malaysia and got really exclusive information about our two best Malaysian offers: Detoxic and Denta Seal! This info will help you to target your audience:

    And hurry up – run on Malaysian offers before it’s too late and the audience is fresh yet. If you still have any questions about how and what to run – contact your manager, they are always happy to help.

    That’s it. High approval rate and ever-growing ROI to you all!

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