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  • Meet Propeller Ads!
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    You all may have noticed that AdCombo likes to integrate with different ad networks and trackers. PeerClick, SpyOver, AdMobiSpy… Today we are going to present you our old partner – the Propeller Ads advertising network. They have made a strong push in the traffic and marketing areas last year. We know those guys for a long time and can say it for sure – you won’t be disappointed. But okay, let’s see what’s the company about?

    Propeller Ads is a display and mobile advertising network with 1+ billion online users per month and thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily. Really impressive, right? The company offers its affiliates over 750 million daily ad impressions globally, self-service platform, real-time statistics, support team working 24/7, etc. Also, those guys work with push-ads a lot which might interest you as well 😉

    If you still have doubts, we’ve got another reason for our affiliates to use it. The very first time you add money to your account, you will get a $60 bonus for $200! Moreover, then you may get $150 for every $600 if you use our promo code (but you’d better hurry up – the month number of these promo codes is limited)! Isn’t it awesome? So much more opportunities to test and run offers when you have more money 😉

    By the way, the promo code you will get works without any limitation in time! Not a month, not a year – it’s going to work forever 🙂

    Contact your manager to get a promo code! And don’t hesitate – go on, set up your campaigns!

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