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  • Are native ads better than Facebook Ads?
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    Yes! And our colleagues from MGID have prepared a whole article with 6 compelling arguments in favor of native advertising (according to our partner MGID).

    1. We know what your audience needs

    First, Facebook actively promotes different native ad formats. Moreover, about 86% of all impressions of Audience Network are native.

    But you need to remember that native ad is not just about visual conformity. MGID defines it as sponsored info which fits a site at all points – a visual part, a content and an object of promotion. Facebook shows ads using a very sophisticated algorithm. Native networks offer the same targeting options but allow you to improve the user experience.

    1. Long-term plans

    You never know when Facebook is going to ban your campaigns. And this is the biggest advertiser’s problem. The situation is exacerbated by the moderation policy and constantly changing algorithms. Even if you find a profitable combo, it doesn’t mean it will work for a long time. Facebook may ban it without explanation.

    But if your campaigns passed the MGID moderation, you can relax. Focus your attention on optimization and increasing earnings.
    Of course, MGID has its own moderation policy. But if something is wrong, managers will help you to edit your landing pages or creative materials. We think, you will agree, Facebook doesn’t do that. Also, don’t forget that combos that are profitable for Facebook work well for native ads as well.

    Obviously, we don’t want you to stop all your Facebook campaigns or something 🙂 Just remember that Facebook is good for short-term campaigns and native ad works better for long-term ones.

    1. Things get easier

    Facebook is basically just another ad network that promises you powerful results, but it has its own shortcomings. No postback, their tracking system is not user-friendly, account blocking and campaigns rejection. Also, setting up and running campaigns takes a lot of time and effort. We believe that better use it for split-tests, searching for new offers, creating new banners and landing pages. For the income-generating things.

    1. The reliability

    Recently there have been many scandals related to disinformation, meddling in the election and the issue of confidentiality. It has damaged Facebook’s reputation. Facebook is constantly changing the “rules of the game”, so it’s difficult to predict which algorithms would be relevant in the nearest future.

    The conclusion is clear as day: you just can’t be sure for how long your combo will remain profitable. Because one day, Facebook could decide to change the rules again and suspend your campaign.

    1. All that matters is results

    Facebook doesn’t really care about you and your problems. You can wait for a response from their support forever. Solving one little problem takes a lot of time. In MGID you have a personal account manager, his job is to monitor the statistics of your campaign, optimize it and answer any of your questions.

    1. Push-traffic on Facebook?

    You probably have already seen push-notifications on the screen of your computer and phone. Those are requests that offer to subscribe and receive other notifications. If you agree with the suggestion, you will receive short messages on your computer or mobile phone. Very simple. But there is a really good question: is it a good idea to use push-traffic?

    Well, yes:

    • All devices have access to push notifications;
    • Subscribers can control which notifications and what device is used;
    • Push is an excellent way to notify subscribers about discounts and hot offers;
    • You can check the number of unique visitors of your site as quickly as possible;
    • Push notifications work very good with in-app traffic;
    • Users better respond to notifications in real time.


    But unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows), push is not allowed on Facebook.

    1. Native ads are the future

    The preliminary appraisal of native share in the global media market will be more than 60% in 2018. And this is the most dynamically growing advertising format on the market. The statistics speak for itself
    In addition, MGID uses more than 20,000 websites around the world, so we can easily “catch up” with the Facebook audience on the platforms that it likes.

    So, if you feel that your business needs a reboot, then we have prepared a special surprise for you!

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